Saturday, 27 August 2011

slave's Sunday is work, work, and a new blog

Wake up at 6. i have time to epilate the insides of my thighs a litle bit lower, because balls still touched thigh hair. i also get back to Destiny & chance’s blog and find Mistress 160’s wonderful adobe. She has documented tens of scenes of Femdom play – needle play, electroplay, you name it. my favourite of Her scenes is as follows: male is tied head down on his back on a slanting narrow surface. his balls get whipped and ballsac clamped, frenum gets clamped, clamps are pulled, then a vibrating dildo shoved up his anus and he is masturbated to orgasm, but both dildo and hand removed just before orgasm: a ruined.

An excerpt from Mistress160's adobe depicting the same scene:
Afterwards I lubed his ass and cock and balls, and masturbated him while introducing a vibrator into his asshole. More appropriate noises. I removed the vibrator and my hand just before he came.

Here are also a couple of nice photos from her site:
hanging balls1
Here's 'sol', the object:

Pic copyright by Mistress160

Then i prepare porridge, it nearly cools before others wake up after 9. i have also picked up the paper, taken garbage out, prepared tea, laid the table including honey and syrup which i am not allowed to use myself with porridge.

As She arrives, i draw a chair for Her and portion out the porridge for Her as She is still a bit dizzy. i brew the tea, then i prepare my own coffee and join Her.

After breakfast She orders me to pack a bag for a walk in the forests, to pick up mushrooms, find out a suitable forest and prepare a thermos full of tea. So the morning is spent in the woods, as per her wishes, and W/we gather a good load of mushrooms.

After getting back i will have to prepare lunch at once. Afternoon is spent bottling the fresh apple juice which i fetch from the juicemaker. A break as long as an apple, and then i’ll have to start preparing a multi course dinner: lamb steaks with potatoes, a wild champignon sauce, chanterelle-potato casserole for Mistress.

Late evening i spend preparing accounts for my family business, and setting up Mistress’s new laptop. In bed i may rub tiger balm in Her aching right shoulder. Any other rubbing: denied.

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