Sunday, 21 August 2011

Smoothly epilated thigh tops look sexy

For Saturday morning Mistress dictates that i start collecting apples when She still sleeps, from O/our apple yard at 8am, before eating porridge for breakfast that i must prepare before that. i wake up at 6.30, epilate my thighs a bit lower, especially backside and buttocks. As the tops of my thighs, basically up from the (imagined) stocking tops, are smooth and feminine looking, i find the situation extremely sexy, and i stroke a few times my sissy clit (i know, strongly forbidden, but i locked the cock cage on right after that). With cb on i read ‘Fashion’ another time and it captivates me again. Then i start with the porridge to keep up with my programmed schedule.

There are lot of apples, i don’t have time to pick them all before Mistress wakes up, and i must continue after breakfast, until W/we leave for my mom’s. W/we must move Her to another elderly people’s home. She needs a place where they have more nurses.

Sunday morning i wake up again at 6.30 (using alarm) and i epilate a good while. i tie a string around my thigh to get the hair/epilation line straight (and a bit lower). Now i’m kind of wearing stockings of hair… If i am allowed real stockings some day, i’m totally hairless from the stocking tops up! i admire my new looks from the mirror, and a little stroking ends up with little droplets of cum. i’m so horny. The wet dream did not help. i lick the droplets from the floor. i take another view of my crotch: i lie on the floor, raise my legs above my head and to the floor behind my head, so that only my shoulders are on the floor. It seems so hairless round my balls! i stroke just a little bit more, then put on cock cage to put me back to the state of chastity.

i prepare breakfast porridge and coffee. Today my father turns 80 years old. Without Mistress’s smart ideas his birthday party would not have worked out. After the party i visit the hotel toilet where W/we held the party, and i get a bad fit of erection while trying to pee. i can relax myself a bit, but i am worried that part of the pee remains in the urethra and leak into my briefs later, so i try to dry myself up by pushing in a wetted piece of toilet paper through the biggest hole in cb-2000. i touch my g-spot with it and voilá, a little squirt of pee flies to the sink. It also feels good. i can repeat the action and create another squirt, and i keep touching my g-spot (frenulum). i start thinking if i could cum this way – probably not, because of the points that would dig into my sissy clit. i wash up the sink before i leave, of course.

W/we return home, and power shifts totally to Mistress again. i unpack, go to grocery store, W/we harvest potatoes as it is already dark (!), i prepare veggie-potato-milk soup, no net today. In the bed i may only hold Her hand, nothing more. my sissy clit ioshard, i cannot sleep right away.

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