Thursday, 25 August 2011

A supervised break


i wake up early, prepare a menu for next week (i learned that much from yesterday evenings ordeal) , epilate, browse a little net, prepare porridge. After breakfast Mistress orders me to put on boots, coat and gloves, W/we are going to apple yard to gather apples for juice making. W/we see O/our neighbour, after her talking to Mistress She offers that i take both O/our and their apples to the juicemaker. Soon i leave for with the apples. i also have to do O/our grocery shopping during the same trip.

i have to hurry back to be able to prepare lunch in time. After lunch it is back to the garden: it is harvesting time, She tells me to lift onions this time.

W/we get quite a surprise today. W/we have noted Mats has been communicating using Messenger and SMS with a girl. Now he cycles away and returns after some time with a 12 or 13 year old girl, pretty as a doll. Mistress tells me to prepare tea for the kid couple. They walk in the garden maybe 10 rounds and Mats shows her around O/our house. Mistress sends me out to continue my paving work.

Later i will prepare a fajitas dinner, after which i get a supervised rest: 5 minutes on my knees in front of Mistress who sits on the sofa. The reason for this arrangement is that i have a tendency to fall asleep whenever i get to sit on the sofa, and She doesn’t want that. After that i have to warm up sauna, but i may use it only shortly, as i will have to hurry to pick up Lina from Her friend’s place.

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