Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Trying to be polite and losing it


i don’t mess up with sex stories at work any more. The top season must have ended last weekend. i call Mistress, ask whether i’m disturbing Her and ask politely about Her possible meal wishes and shopping list. i get instructions, shop in a grocery store on my way home. At home Mistress orders me to lay more slabs as i have recovered. She supervises the work and orders me to redo parts of it. As She approves one step, She sends me off the prepare enchilados. As they are finally ready, i may eat for supper (and for tomorrow’s lunch – i am not allowed a lunch in a restaurant every day) my Goan shrimp curry, which didn’t quite succeed, it became too spicy.

In the evening She orders me to pay a bill of Hers, but before that i became indignant at a totally insignificant matter - Her putting too many stamps on an envelope, and i ostentatiously slap the light switch on. ‘Don’t put up a demonstration’, She says. i blow up, ‘When am i supposed to demonstrate’, i shout as hard as i can. ‘In your position, never’, She answers calmly. We continue little more peacefully, and i do the bank transfer She wants even though i’m still in an agitated state of mind and slap the laptop. i notice it is one year from the beginning of the 24/7 D/s. She points out, that already last week was a lousy performance from me.

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