Saturday, 13 August 2011

Weekend cums


In the program of the morning there is planning of next week’s menu, visiting a few grocery stores with the shopping list i prepared on the basis of the menu, getting Mistress certain books from the library etc. Then preparing lunch. In the afternoon Mistress wants to go into the woods to pick up mushrooms, and after that there’s a lot of mushroom cleaning work for me in the kitchen. In addition to that i melt some frozen crabs and W/we have a traditional crab party on the deck even though the air is chilly.

In the bedroom Mistress tells me to lower my pants, get into bed ass up, and She bites my buttocks as i bite the pillow. i may suck Her breasts. She sends me to get a condom, and while She lies on Her side, She orders me to fuck Her from behind. That’s straightforward compared to Her standards. She seems to want an orgasm with no extras. She doesn’t climax on Her side this time, so She settles on all fours, and cums easily in that position. She’s so quick i don’t get to the top, and of course i would have no permission to cum, as i just accidentally came. So it’s just ‘get the condom to the trash can’. As i go i notice there is at least no blood in the condom.

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