Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Whipping me, licking Her

i call home as i’m driving from work. She orders me to go to Ikea to buy lamps, plastic canisters and groceries. i will also have to buy new set of tyres for Mistress’s Mercedes, i make phone calls and ask prices. At home i may eat first, then i have to chop apples. As i am ready She’s on the phone, which creates me a chance to read the paper.

i take kids to swimming hall and hurry back. At home Mistress orders me to draw the blinds, get undressed in the laundry room and put on the Spanish pinafora. She stresses it must stay clean as She lets me open the cb. Wearing only the pinafora She makes me clean the kitchen. She takes metal salad servers and squeezes my buttocks and balls from behind with them as i work.

Then upstairs – She supervises me to put clean laundry in closets, then makes me undress Her as She sits on a chair. She tells me to prepare bath water for Her, and i must help Her to bath: wash Her legs, pussy and back, then dry Her up.

Next She orders me to take a plastic mini skirt from O/our toy chest, and get high heels from the shoe closet downstairs, risking been seen through the out door. Mistress is incedibly sexy in white high heels, black stockings and black PVC skirt, bare breasted. She tells me to put leather bracelets in my wrists and ankles. She draws U/us before the mirror, shows how ridiculous i look beside Her in my pinafore. ‘Cb off and wash your crotch’ As i get back from the toilet with clean genitals She orders me to remove the pinafore. She notices stains in it, gets mad! i tell her it is probably only water, but it’s too late. ‘you moron, i said you must keep it clean! Cannot you do one thing right!?! GET THE RIDING DROP!’ i get the crop, it is on top of the closet as it does not fit in the toy chest. Kids cannot reach the top of the closet. ‘On all fours! Lock your ankle bracelets together! Wrists too!’ She starts full force blows on my bare buttocks. ‘you have not even prepared the menu, have you? your service is really getting inferior and that must change! you even called from the grocery store to ask ME what W/we need. it’s YOUR job to make sure nothing runs out! Never let the service get THAT BAD again!’ SMACK SMACK SMACK the blows landed as She criticized my work, and i must admit She was so right. i apologize as much as i can and promise to do thing better in the future.

Now She orders my head to the floor, hands to knees. Blows hurt, especially one that landed on the right buttock and i moan in pain. She steps on Her heel on my toes and then starts to whip the soles of my feet. i curl my toes, but She orders me to keep my soles straight and available for the whip.
‘What do you enjoy in life, slave?’ She asks suddenly.
‘Being owned by you, Mistress’ i answer promptly. She likes my answer.
‘I want my slave to seem glad and content when you serve me.’
She finishes the ordeal with blows to my nipples from below, and trailing my cleft with the tip of the crop. ‘Put the whip in place’ She shouts outright angrily. That is not so easy as my wrists are tied together and ankles likewise. i have to climb on a chair, which is difficult. It's easier to get down, by jumping.
‘Free your wrists. Put on the condom!’
‘Foreskin back or forth, Mistress’
As i am ready She continues to bark orders to me.
‘Get on the bed on your back. Free your ankles’
Now She straddles my chest and slides on top of my face. i may lick Her pussy, which still tastes a little bit bloody (Her period is about over). She stands up, orders me on my knees, sits on the bed and i may fuck Her on my knees. She wants my striped butt in action. Then back to She-on-top position, and it is then that W/we notice that there’s still quite a lot of blood flow. However She continues, keeps me inside, throws one leg over me so W/we get into on-O/our-sides-from-behind position. i start too fast, She orders a more peaceful tempo. i try to fondle Her breasts but She takes my hand away. She wants me to keep my hand on Her hips. For some reason i can fuck quite a long time without getting near the point-of-no-return. Finally, as She moans and trembles in a way i know She’s close to cumming, i can accelerate into sewing machine tempo, which i stop only as Her orgasm is over, and She gropes harshly my side as She usually does at that time. i assume that if i don’t get an orgasm now, She will give me a further session – for instance being allowed to fuck between the sole of Her foot and the floor. But that is not the case: She orders me to clean up the rubbish and toys, and put on the pinafore again. She asks for ideas how to keep it clean with me off the cb. i suggest thong and She allows it. i may take the condom package and laundry basket downstairs. She leaves me in need. She settles on the sofa, ‘Bring me a cup of tea’, ‘What’s on tv’ (meaning i must find out what is on that might interest HER). And it is time to get the kids back from the swimming hall.

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  1. OMG...what a frickin great day!!