Friday, 30 September 2011

Mistress does house planning with another man

i wake up without alarm at 6.40, shower and shave my armpits altogether and groom my pubic triangle into a short stubble, and shorten the hair at the tops of my thighs. Then i epilate and pluck the tender spots, put my hair nicely and shave my face closely. According to Mistress’s orders given last night i put fire in the fireplace next, and after that i can have some net time. i read maid stories written by “Deborah Ford”, especially “The Hotel” strikes me. At that time it was posted in Xaxasissy’s weblog, but nowadays i cannot find it anywhere. i have a copy myself, but i guess Deborah has ordered it’s removal so i don’t post it.

After Mistress wakes up i serve the tea and porridge i have prepared. i ask permission to get today’s paper, and i give it to Her to read (She gives me a smaller paper). Then working under Her command: cleaning the kitchen, putting clean laundry away, getting firewood, maintaining the fire. i ask to be allowed to prepare the carrot soup (according to the menu) as i have to leave soon to see my mom who’s taken to hospital. i prepare the soup. Housewife’s duties suit me very well. Just a couple of day’s ago Mistress specifies some changes to the facade of O/or house to an engineer W/we know, living in the same block, for him to do the drawings for U/us. i just greeted the man, i was not involved in any other way. Men’s work suits my Wife better – i mean men’s work that requires thinking. Before i leave i eat a housewifes light lunch: carrot soup and bread.

In the evening Mistress’s wants to fuck again. This time i may fuck a little without a condom, which makes me very sensitive, and i must take a break as it becomes too nice. As i continue, with a condom, it’s still quite nice, as She ordered foreskin to be drawn back, so i cum together with Her, and during fucking i had to stop a few times not to cum too early.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mistress finds a pretty dress for me

i have a flu and i am very tired, but according to Mistress’s orders i visit two grocery stores, get Mats from his hobbies and take kids swimming. As i have left the kids at the swimming hall at the rehearsals and return home, Mistress orders me upstairs. ‘Give me two suggestions of slave costumes for you’. It’s so difficult when something like that is asked without a warning, i cannot think of anything, find anything suitable, i’m so lousy at decision making. i just keep rising stuff out of the toy chest, so Mistress chooses stay ups, a long and very tight black corset, and orders me to undress and put them on. On top of them She orders a red and white dress and a wide black belt, which gives me a very pretty narrow waist. ‘If you had bigger breasts, you would make a very pretty, curvy woman. Cock cage stays on, it has medium spikes, but it doesn’t bother me much, i have grown used to being so restricted.

Dressed as a woman i will have to complete a lot of chores, empty ashes from fireplaces, sweep the floors, and especially cleansing the kitchen thoroughly. Afterwards i spend time kneeling in from of Mistress in the living room chatting with Her.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fucking with Her PVC skirt on

Early part of next week goes in a flu. i am not at my best, and food stuffs are running low. i prepare meals though. Wednesday night Mistress gropes my thong-clad ass under the blanket and i wiggle my ass for Her.

Thursday night things start to happen. i get into the bedroom before 10pm, Mistress tells me to lock the door. i wait on my knees as She puts on the black pvc skirt and stay ups. i am allowed to fondle Her thighs, bare breasts and pvc-clad buttocks. She settles crosswise over the bed on Her back and i lick Her pussy on my knees between Her legs. Then She turns on all fours, and i lick Her from behind, my nose next to Her asshole – a scene rich in atmosphere.

Next She wants a condom on me, and i may lie on my back for Her to ride me. After riding She wants on Her side from behind, the doggy style. Eventually i can accelerate the rhythm without an evident risk for cumming, as i reasoned to Mistress that i should pull the foreskin forth, otherwise i could cum too fast. i came close to orgasm as She ordered me to stop while W/we were doing it doggy style: an unexpected stop always nearly makes me cum.

Monday, 26 September 2011

She cums, i am rewarded with a nice moment of masturbation

Walking on Montjuic mountain - great views over the city, then funicular down and walking on Ramblas. W/we come too late to Palau Guell again. A great lunch, a mediaval church, then to shops and apartment, early to pack. Back to shops to buy presents.

W/we wait nervously for the leaser to return O/our warranty payment, he comes in time. Last purchases on the airport, the plane is an hour late. Back at the old, cold house! Mistress gets the cat, it has been taken car by Her mom. i get the hamster with Lisa from Her friend. Still no sex drive.

No alarm, i wake up only after 9, prepare a quick breakfast and wake Her up. Still no net time. i prepare lunch for 12am and then W/we take Mistress to Her literature club, and buy skates to Lina and a present for O/our goddaughter. After the club W/we continue to the goddauhter’s anniversary. Mistress drops hints about sex, but in the evening She’s too tired.

i wake up with an alarm at 7am. Now i have time to groom my nether regions; in Barcelona i didn’t have my epilator, and it is impossible to epilate everything that has grown at a time.
Mistress orders me some woodwork and takes Lina with her friend to swim. i prepare lunch and She orders me with Her to the gym, then to swimming hall’s café (nice!). W/we pick up Lina, then some computer work and warming up sauna.

In the evening i prepare Mexican chicken for kids to eat next week, and then hotfoot upstairs there Mistress very promisingly orders me to lock the bedroom door (a sure sign something’s gonna happen).

Next i wait on my knees as She has reached a convenient place in the book She is reading, lying on the bed. She orders me to remove my shirt and socks (leaving only my thong) and open the toy chest. i get posture collar and leather ankle and wrist bracelets.
-‘Remove your thong’
She undresses and puts on Her corset and stay ups, She makes me mad by Her looks. i may suck Her nipples on my knees, then lick Her pussy. She takes me inside Her pussy for a few pleasurable bareback thrusts.
-‘Get a condom’
i pull out, cover myself with rubber. i pull the foreskin forth without asking, i don’t want to cum yet as last time i lost my appetite for nearly a week. i want to remain hot.
-‘On your back on the bed’
Her knees hurt, so i get to fuck Her only a short time from below, then on my side from behind. She cums quite soon, and i can accelerate into crescendo without a risk of cumming myself. i continue until She tells me to stop. i ask and get permission to masturbate a little watching Her precious butt between Her corset and stay ups, as She lies on Her belly on the bed.
-‘Now to sleep!’

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Getting a handjob in Barcelona

Sunday morning
Mistress surprises me by wanting sex. i'm allowed to fuck Her with a condom on, foreskin draw forth, so i manage not to cum myself. She states that it’s long enough from my previous orgasm, so after fucking i may lie on my back, hands by my sides, as She masturbates me. She let me cum, continuing stroking all through my orgasm, even slower pace. Its wonderful, but my sex drive is gone for the rest of the Barcelona trip.

On Sunday W/we visit Palau Guell and the gothic old town, find the pillars from August’s time and visit Picasso Museum. And zoo, and Barceloneta beach until W/we slump at home. There’s even a parade at the nearby square this evening.

Monday: W/we leave Mats sleeping and visit Caixaforum, then back home for coffees and get Mats, and to Pueblo Espanol and Mies van der Rohe pavilion. W/we take the metro to the seashore as the big Christmas parade is today and starts there. The parade tours around the whole centre and W/we go to Plaza Catalunia to see it again. Kids collect the candy they throw. Quite a parade it is, miles long and more and more elaborate costumes and scenes. The winter market is open throughout the night, it’s a nice feeling to visit it in the night.

Tuesday: Parc Guell is a wonderful experience, but it starts to rain, W/we get straight back home and i prepare steaks. There’s not much room and energy for any other kind of kinky play n this sort of trips.

Wednesday: In the morning the art museum without kids, then Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar, which is Lina’s favourite, and in the center Casa Mila and art nouveau blocks, then shopping at el Corte Ingles, Zara etc. i wait at McDonald’s as the Girls shop with Mats.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A trip to Barcelona

After Christmas holidays my mother-in-law joined U/us on O/our way home, to stay with U/us until the New Year. Mistress has a longer holiday, i return to work. In the evenings i may e.g. lie on the floor by Mistress’s feet, get Mistress and Her mom wine as per Her instructions. W/we study travel guides: W/we are going to Barcelona.

Friday at 4am the alarm goes off for Barcelona. Everyone’s awake at once. i have prepared sandwiches for the morning and cleaned the kitchen in the evening. Everything goes fine and in the plane W/we enjoy the sandwiches. In Barcelona it drizzled as W/we get into O/our apartment by a beautiful square. Once there, the roles settle. i make sandwiches, do the dishes (no dishwasher), She picks the targets for O/our trips. Here are still separate meat, bread, vegetable etc. shops, so i have to visit at least 4 shops to get O/our small purchases, which is annoying as i am already so tired. So they send in the evening in advance to the apartment to prepare dinner, as the O/others still make a tour round the seafront area.

Saturday morning i wake up at 7, it’s still dark. She’s awake as well, i try to seduce Her but She feels sexless, in advance of Her period. She orders me to rub Her back, long strokes from the neck down along the spine. ‘Are you very needy’, She asks. i explain that i didn’t cum during Christmas time, and not one way or the other after that. That’s it – She just wanted to know it, not help it.

W/we walk a lot, also visiting modern art museum where they are playing a funny Queer Orlando –movie. In the evening W/we are all very tired.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Fucking with a-ring on

Next day (Christmas day) W/we drive for Her mom’s. As she and the kids are playing in the garden Mistress leads me to the bathroom, and gives me permission to open the cb with keys. my sissy clit gets erect so fast i cannot remove the one-piece a-ring of the old cb-2000. So i may make love to Her with the a-ring on. It works as a penis ring, my sissy clit gets huge. W/we've forgotten condoms, so i may fuck Her bareback. The narrow ring makes normal pleasure impossible, so i succeed giving Her an orgasm without cumming myself. If She preferred a bigger dick, this would be something to do on purpose.

After a while sissy clit gets soft on its own and i can fit the cock cage back on. In the evening W/we go to repeat O/our first date, it’s 25th anniversary today. W/we are very much in love still.

On Boxing day i strain my back in a situation that appeared perfectly harmless. Maybe being tied up legs up was the reason.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A kinky present: being tied ass up and spanked

Christmas at a D/s home

23rd Dec
i may leave work early. i do the rest of the Christmas shopping, presents for kids, stockings for Mistress. She has done quite a lot of Christmas preparations. i feel guilty - i should have done more.

Christmas Eve
i wake up first and prepare rice porridge and do rest of the morning chores. i start preparing the rest of the salads and other Christmas dishes.
As W/we have eaten the porridge She wants out, for a trip with the rowing boat, as the sea is not yet icy (climate change…).
Back at home Mistress puts on a beautiful dress. It’s really sexy with a stiff pleated skirt, and i seek situations where i could fondle Her a little. We discuss my fantasy. She says ‘I will not be touching use if you are wearing female clothes’.
W/we eat the Christmas dinner, after i have done the finishing touches to it. Then killing time, Christmas coffee with chocolate cake, and handing out presents.
In the evening Mistress informs me that as a special Christmas present She will fulfil my wish. ‘Lock the door, take out the toys’. i say i will rather not be wearing stockings if it means She might touch me, masturbate me.
i may put on the posture collar, connect a leash to it, put on ankle bracelets. She orders me in bed, ties my elbows quite tightly together behind my back, then ties my wrists. i am lying in bed the wrong way, my head to the footboard. i raise my legs up in the air and She ties my wrists to the headboard tightening the rope taut. Then She ties my ankles according to my wish to the legs at the corners of the footboard, so that my knees rest on the bed each side of my head. Next She tightens my leash to the footboard, it goes by my chin. i’m now tied nearly immobile, i’m not going anywhere.
She leaves me now for a longish time, does something behind the footboard, probably puts on something sexy. She has removed my glasses so the sexy outfit will be mostly missed. my hands are getting numb quickly, i mention that to Mistress, but i don’t ask Her to stop. She says that She is not going to stop before She wants to. Now precum starts to drop from my sissy clit, and it falls between my nose and mouth, and it runs down my face. my elbows tied together behind my back, there’s no way i could move so that the precum wouldn’t drop on my face annoyingly. ‘Mistress, could you masturbate me a little?’ She doesn’t answer, instead She takes a small 9-tailed leather penis whip from the toy chest. It’s an old toy She has made Herself in the early days of O/our S/M experiments, now not used for years. She starts flogging my sissy clit, balls and my face with it. It’s surprising that my face hurts most. ‘Why did you think you would get some pleasure, slave?’, She asks. She puts a clothes peg in my ballsac. i try moving a little as my hands are now totally numb and my neck is hurting after being on my neck for so long. She pinches my buttocks, then starts removing my hands – i was already looking forward to that – but i have to land on my own on top of my numb hands. Then She frees my hands, and – gives me a minute to masturbate on my knees. My numb hand recovers to the extent that i can stroke myself, but it feels so odd masturbating with a half-numb hand. i am about to start without a permit to begin, but She takes a watch first and only then i may begin. i don’t quite reach the point of no return. Then to sleep. i thank Her for fulfilling my fantasy.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Balls pulled, neck bitten

Buying Christmas presents after work. At home preparing garlic-chili marinade for Mistress the whole evening. i have to peel every garlic glove individually for the marinade, and She wants a lot of it. This is one of Her favorite dishes. Of why the garlic gloves are so small - W/we have grown them by O/ourselves.

In the evening i am the first in bed, i’m so tired. As She joins me She starts groping my thong-clad buttocks, orders me to raise my ass up in the air, head down. She starts digging out my balls, takes them out of the thong. As She pulls on my balls and bites my neck i start fantasizing. The fantasy goes like this: i’m tied on my back on the bed, my legs are up in the air and spread, elbows tied between my back. i have lacy stockings. Between the stockings my view consists of a hairless crotch, it’s known that i have myself plucked all hair in advance with an epilator, regardless of the pain. my feet are tied to the headboard of the bed, so low that my sissy clit hangs in front of my mouth. i could reach out and touch it, but with my mouth only. i am not allowed to touch it. A spreader bar is fixed above my knees. Mistress settles by the headboard and starts masturbating me. i’m not allowed to cum without permission. i don’t know if i get permission later or not. She changes to the whip, whips my buttocks and asshole area into hot pain. She can stick pins into my buttocks like into a pin cushion. She might milk me using an Aneros. Probably i will not get to cum, but if i will, it will be into my own mouth and after stimulation to my sissy clit and anus have stopped a good while before my actual squirt.

As She has stopped manipulating me, i am able to tell Mistress about this fantasy.

Monday, 19 September 2011

So difficult to fuck Her without cumming

Mistress kept me so busy this weekend i had no net time, and could not post. Here we go back to my diary entries:

Sunday morning i wake up early again, now i have even some net time, and i have time to prepare another type of porridge that requires long preparing. W/we leave along Her wish to a artisan market and then to see sofas in a few furniture dealers. At home i prepare Her favourite warm ghoat cheese – rhubarb jelly sandwiches for Her.

Tuesday evening She gives me a surprise and makes me for smell and then lick Her pussy in all different ways. She makes me put on a condom – foreskin back – and fucks me lying on top of me, making me suck Her breasts. Then She tells me to fuck Her from below and finally orders me to do it in doggy style. i am about to manage without an orgasm, but as i have already stopped moving after Her orgasm, i cum, immobile.

Next weekend goes under Her tighter reign, but without Her making an initiative for sex. On Saturday i take kids for their schools for the end-of term party, together with Mistress W/we pick Lina up and She leads us on a shopping spree. At home i prepare whitefish lunch, On Sunday chili con carne and a mushroom soup for starters. On Sunday She takes U/us to gym, and in the evening to a café. She makes me spend much time looking up sofas in the net.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still learning to fuck Her without cumming


i wake up around 7, have just enough time to prepare porridge before Mistress wakes up. i get the paper for Her, and at 8 W/we leave, i may help Her set up a market fair stand for Her company. Her employee comes to do the selling, and W/we continue to a flea market. There’s a nice midinette dress, i hint i would like that (for myself), but She doesn’t buy it for me. W/we get back at the closing time and i help dismounting the stand and drive the parts back to Her company. i misunderstand her, and after returning the stand i sit in the car and wait for Her as She’s inside Her office. i fall asleep. She wakes me up, reprimands me for leaving the stand in a wrong place and not reporting to get further assignments. i’m sorry, i try to explain.

W/we drive to the mall, i do grocery shopping. Then at home i start preparing dinner. Mistress takes Lina to her sleepover.

In the evening i bring Chinese takeaway food as per Mistress’s and Mats’s wishes, and W/we watch TV with Mats and listen to old vinyls.

W/we go to sleep late, but Mistress takes the initiative in the bed and i start rubbing my body against Hers. Some ear sucking follows, which never fails to make me all giggly. She orders me to put on a condom, foreskin back, and lets me fuck Her on my knees as She sits on the edge of the bed, then from behind. She cums, and i cum too in a reaction to Her cum, even though there was no intention whatsoever. With foreskin drawn back it just seems impossible to make her cum without cumming myself just as i slow down in the aftermath of Her orgasm.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mistress demands better service quality or call it off

i wake up even earlier and gain a lot of net time that way. i prepare porridge at 7am as Mistress wakes up and visits the bathroom. Then i browse some more as She goes back to sleep. i remember She said She has some chores for me to do in the morning, and i try to go and ask Her about it, but She seems to be sleeping and i tiptoe back. i examine a couple of new blogs, especially Mistress Millicent and Her theory.

As She wakes up W/we eat and i do the forgotten morning job: translate a text of Hers into English. Then She wants to go on a lengthy walk with me. Back at home, i finish window washings, and then prepare lunch. Later in the evening i warm up sauna, and after sauna i put the cb back on for some more net time.

Next week goes by unnoticed again. Friday night Mistress raises a havoc on not getting anything out of O/our relationship. 'your service has deteriorated so much from last winter. you hardly prepare the menu in advance any more' etc. Yes, last winter i was more enthusiastic, i wonder if my interest for D/s was of passing sort. However W/we decide to continue O/our D/s relationship. As a result i go through my Excel-file of timed chores (last time i had opened it in June) and do the maintenance of the pool from the list.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Service, no sex

During next week Mistress gropes my genitals while W/we are in bed. It feels really good. She pays special attention to my “pussy”, meaning my perineum and asshole, which She pokes through my thong. Another time She orders me in turn to squeeze Her buttocks.
On Friday She goes out with Her colleagues. i stay home with kids. Mats falls asleep in his day clothes. Lina’s hamster get’s sick. i take Lina swimming.
During the weekend: a lot of service, no sex. Her libido goes up and down, and now it is not the right time.
On Saturday i wake up early, morning net time, preparing rice porridge. She orders me to empty the gutters, clear the junk that has accumulated behind the shed, saw some firewood, carry firewood to wood shed, prepare a fajitas meal, after coffee She tells me to start washing windows from the outside. It’s already very cold, i must put on woollen gloves and plastic gloves on top of them, but my fingers are freezing all the same. i work first on the balcony and then on top of the ladders, until it becomes dark. Then back inside, to prepare cookie dough.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Errands in a minidress

Thursday and Friday nights are spent in a seminar and a party.
On Saturday i wake up only after Mistress, She goes to a yard sale in benefit of Lina’s school. She has a chore list for me: take care of the bills, empty the boat, clean the gutters. Preparing lunch, then She has assigned me to clean up at the yard sale site. From there i go to grocery store with Lina. She has made plans to go to a sleepover visit to Her friend’s and Mats is going to a birthday party. So Mistress and i can spend almost the whole evening together.

After taking Lina to her friend Mistress tells me to go to the bedroom with Her and undress. She gives me a simple minidress, dark blue with lace. It fits me very well, hugging my lines. When i have it on, She tells me to kiss Her toes, then legs and finally Her ass. Then She gives me some errands,
-‘Get me the scissors. They are in the basement’
-‘Get me the yarn box’
-‘Prepare sandwiches and tea for the both of U/us and bring them here’
Each time i will have to pass windows, risking to be seen in my minidress.
After W/we have eaten She tells me to dress Her in stay ups and corset and get undressed myself. She makes me lick Her pussy from below and from behind, get a condom and then fuck Her from below and from behind. Now my timing is perfect, W/we cum simultaneously, She a little bit before me.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Supervised sex

Wednesday night i may make love to Mistress again. First W/we hug in the living room and continue in bed. Then She tells me to undress (also the cb), She unlocks the toy chest and takes the collar in Her lap. That’s the mark for me to press my neck on the collar, then She buckles it on. She takes the body harness from the toy chest and as i put it on She dresses in a corset and stay ups.

She gestures me to kneel in front of Her. She sits on the edge of bed, traps my sissy clit between Her knees and pinches my nipples, notices my erection is hardening. She presses my head down, as a sign for me to lick Her pussy on my knees. Later She climbs on the bed on all fours, and i may/must continue, my nose deep in Her ass as i lick.

‘Get the condom. Get on your knees and put it on. - On the bed on your back’ She impales Herself on my sissy clit and fucks me a few times. Then i may fuck Her from below and from behind and W/we both cum, me a little bit too early, causing Her a long but peakless orgasm. i'm genuinely sorry for the failure.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stricter discipline

The week flashes by. i have things to do in the evenings, and often i fall asleep on the couch as i get home. Sex drive is nonexistent. On Sunday i even have trouble getting my sissy clit up as i have husbandly duties to perform, as i worry about O/our investments. And i never have potency problems...

Next week Mistress spends in a health spa, and returns only on Friday. On Saturday She restores the discipline. W/we take a walk to a new road, and i have to walk one step behind, She even orders me to walk in the bottom of a ditch for some time.

She starts a new stricter disciplinary phase. my new job is removing Her boots, and putting them to closet. She might toss me a banana skin without saying anything, even with kids seeing, for me to take to garbage.

During the day She orders me on my knees many times, even in the kitchen. After W/we have eaten a shrimp dish i have prepared She wants me to work as a discjockey and play music for Her. Already in the evening i get to make love to Her.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Fathers' day wanking present

Preparing breakfast, getting the paper, then preparing enchilados for Mats’s birthday guests. i have to go to the grocery store, and soon after that the guests arrive. i lay the tables, make coffe for the guests etc.
In the evening She licks and sucks my ear really strongly, which makes me giggle.

Next days go by quite unnoticeably. On Friday Mats doesn’t go to swimming and i warm up the sauna.

On Saturday i shave my pubic triangle even smaller and again i have to go to the mall to work. In the evening i prepare nettles pasta for Mistress and lamb steaks for others.

On Sunday it is Fathers’ Day. i wake up before 7 and i find a chocolate cake in the kitchen along with Mats’s present – a chocolate bar. i epilate the new area i shaved yesterday – ouch! – it hurts more surprisingly much. i prepare breakfast and after Mistress wakes up also whipped cream, and W/we eat some of the chocolate cake. She asks if i would have wanted something else for Fathers’ Day as well. ‘It would be nice’ i reply. ‘you may go to the toilet and masturbate two times 30 seconds, and get a ruined cum if you can’

i go to remove the cb, then move to toilet. First 30 seconds masturbation on my knees, i don’t quite get to the edge yet. Then i get on my back, rise my legs so that my ass is in the air, and the legs land on the sides of my head. i take a mirror, and watch my shaved ass well displayed in this position and start masturbating. i have to slow down before 30 seconds are full this time, not to cum. At 25 seconds i take a spurt, and some moments before full time a few big, thick dollops shoot right inside my mouth. Disgusting!

Next She wants to leave for a little rowing tour, after that i prepare a shrimp dish for lunch and then T/they take me for a surprise ride again. Mistress and Lina tie a towel on my eyes, blindfolding me like T/they did on my birthday, and drive to a secret location. This time i can guess right there W/we are going: a store that is open on Sundays. At the aprking lot i may remove the blindfold. The experience is quite erotic anyway, my sissy clit tries to harden inside the cb, and it hurts.

In the evening i may get Mistress stockings, and W/we fuck again, first She on top, and finishing off doggy style. She cums of course, i can hold myself back this time.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Face slaps keep me to my ironing

Saturday morning
For once W/we both sleep late and wake up together. First thing in the morning She orders me to get a condom and W/we make love. Normally She never has sex with me in the morning, as She is a night person. As She cums, i cannot help but start cumming myself. i pull out to ruin it, i’m afraid of another sub drop. Then She sends me off to prepare Her breakfast. i have to leave for grocery stores and hurry back to prepare lunch, horseradish pike. i have to work with my laptop in the afternoon, until it’s time to prepare a fajitas dinner.

Sunday is a special day, i have to work in the morning and in the afternoon at the mall. i have a stand and hand out leaflets. As i have a break, i drive home to prepare lunch for the family, and Mistress orders e with Her to the gym. After a shower it’s so nice to feel fresh and continue work at the mall.

Next week i am thoroughly occupied with my work. The reason must be the inevitable sub drop. As i get home on Friday Mistress has had a few drinks, She orders me to change and prepare tortilla espanola and mushroom soup for dinner. She continues to boss me around the whole night, and puts me to ironing work, then i take Lina to the swimming hall. W/we don’t have time together, as Mats is tired and doesn’t want to go to the swimming rehearsals. She slaps my face a few times to emphasize Her dominance. my sissy clit tries to get hard because of the face slaps but points of intrigue do their job.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Serving drinks and being whipped

In the evening, after taking kids to the swimming rehearsals, i have to undress in the kitchen until i’m slave naked, clean the kitchen and bring Her a glass of wine. She’s sitting on the sofa, reading a mag. Next She sends me to bring the riding crop and look for the dog collar that has been missing. ‘If you don’t find it, I’ll whip you much more severely’. Luckily i find it and i have to wear it.

‘Kneel up, facing away from me’ She starts whipping my buttocks, with an occasional slap on the balls, reaching them between my legs. my cb becomes so crammed full, points of intrigue biting firmly in the root of my sissy clit. As She stops and orders me to bring another glass of wine, i have to limp with my legs spread, as sissy clit tries to get firm and the points hurt. A lot of precum is oozing. i hand Her the glass, She tells me to get back into the kneeling position, and another blow on my ass follows. She takes her time, long breaks between blows. She’s sitting peacefully on the couch. Finally: ‘Take the toys back to the toy chest’. Each time i go upstairs i risk being seen through the window. Now also the stripes in my buttocks could be seen.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Am i keeping Her in need?

i have work in the evening, later She bites my ear so painfully i cry out, and Mats comes to check what’s the trouble. i have to lie that i just hurt my knee.

Later Mistress accuses me of not satisfying Her sexual needs. The problem has been that as a slave i have not made advances on Her and She has interpreted that as me not being interested in Her. It’s an annoying misunderstanding, but now it is solved, and i think it will not trouble Her again. As a result She orders me to get a condom. Then some kisses, and i may fuck her, first from below and then doggy style. She cums of course, i don’t. It’s easy to keep from cumming as i am just recovering from the sub drop caused by the previous orgasm.

Chauffeuring Her

Next week was spent pretty much working. A board meeting on Wednesday night. On Thursday i drive after work to a work interview 100km to another direction, then pick up Mistress from home and drive Her to Oslo for a meeting with Her friends. The rest of the family is having a holiday week, and on Friday i get to drive them to a nature trail, continue from there to work, and pick them up after work, and still drive the family to Oslo, where Mistress attends an exhibition opening and we rest go to movies. It takes nearly an hour per direction to Oslo, so a lot of driving this week. On Saturday Lina gives a sleepover party to her friends. Much of my Saturday goes working for a local association. The evening is spent cleaning the mushrooms Mistress picked on the nature trail. On Sunday Mistress drives Herself to Oslo to visit galleries and leaves me with a work list: carrot soup, chili con carne, empty the stinking compost – and weed the gravel paths. Tuesday evening Mistress wants me to do the evening workout in the bedroom naked. Then She gestures me to get on the bed by Her and W/we hug. Then She becomes more aggressive, She pushes me on my back, bites my ears, sucks them so that they are in Her mouth altogether, She bites my neck and my cheeks (!), rubs my collarbones with Her forehead so that the skin rolls violently over them, bites my nipples. She is again angry with my poor performance, i understand it well. my slave spirit has been low, and it has got much to do with the abundance of work and work-related stress.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Laying the table with Her mom

Mistress works late. Clearing the garden after the storm, and paving work, until Mistress comes from work and W/we lay the table with mother-in-law.

Reaching the nadir, the cum last week took away the sex drive, it has been easy to get the sissy clit fit into the cb-2000 lately. Also some work related stress.

At least i look for Mistress as i get home from work, find her in Her study and report, asking for instructions. She uses me all evening to move Her stuff from Her study to a new workroom in the basement that She is taking over.

W/we finally bring mother-in-law back to her apartment in O/our hometown. W/we stay the weekend there. my parents live there too, and i take care of them and also take kids shopping. mats and i get ice creams at the mall. What a nice day! Then W/we return home, i unpack everything and start preparing food.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

She really likes to bite my butt!

Guests for Lina’s party are arriving soon. i’ll have to prepare in advance Greek salad, peel the potatoes and onions, then after a small break, clean closets in the hall, the prepare whitefish rolls and sauce. Mistress leaves for Her literature club meeting and to meet Her friend as i toll in the kitchen. Guests arrive before Mistress returns. i entertain them, finish the meal. Later Mistress joins and W/we dine. The evening is spent with the guests. Her mom will stay with us for a week.

Mother-in-law wakes up early, but i succeed in shaving and epilating before that. W/we share the homework between me and Her mom. In the morning W/we go altogether to the woods to pick mushrooms. W/we can’t find any. As W/we are returning to the car, She tells me to run ahead and get the car nearer.

Back at home i prepare lunch. Then She sends me off to my paving project. The first autumn storm is breaking and i get cold so i may get back in. Next i will have to prepare a fajitas meal for dinner and warm up sauna.

In the sauna Mistress starts gives me feedback. ‘you should have asked me for further assignments each time right after finishing the previous one. you did too little paving work also, how come you got cold so quickly?’ She has a metal ladle that has become hot in the sauna, and She touches my buttocks, breasts and collarbone area with it, the latter being the most sensitive, surprisingly. ‘Lie down on your side’ She ordered, and then She bit badly both my buttocks a couple of times each. Then She even grabs my balls from between my legs, and holds them tight biting my butt at the same time. She really likes to bite my butt!

In the evening i have got some work i am allowed to so on the computer. i have no interest for net porn after the latest orgasm. A clear case of sub drop. i hope i can improve my ways even before i get over it.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A day off without kids

i have a day off. i take care that Lina is at 7am at the bus stop so that Mistress can sleep late. Then i make porridge and W/we eat breakfast as She wakes up. She orders me to continue paving work. Tomorrow is Lina’s birthday, and i must finish my work today.

After Mat’s has left for school too, Mistress calls me and orders me in. She tells me to open the toy chest and strip. As i undress, She has chosen the old full body harness She has made Herself in the early S/M days. It has two leather straps going vertically from shoulder to my crotch on front and back, and connecting straps at nipple level and a belt. She makes me find the electric training collar too round my neck. She makes me continue wearing the cb-2000 which makes me a bit uncomfy. This is my costume for cleaning upstairs for the party, going to ground floor (with possibility of being seen by neighbours) and clean there too, put things in place etc.

She stops me to give me the ear treatment, fucking me ears with Her fingers, which feels quite overwhelming – maybe i just have sensitive ears. While She talks on the phone i go to put summer coats in the basement closet, and it’s then that i feel the sudden ‘zap’ at my neck. i let Mistress know immediately where i am and run to report to Her.

Next it is kitchen cleaning, preparing party menu and shopping list together with Mistress, and finally i can put on my regular clothes over the harness, remove the shock collar, take the shopping list and drive Mistress to the mall and do groceries and alcohol shopping while She goes to clothes shops. i may even comment on a skirt She buys later.

At home i wrm up some lunch, and the day continues under her strict schedule: ‘Put on the music’, ‘Prepare coffee and tea’, ‘you may have one candy with coffee’, ‘Take off the harness’ ‘Empty the central vacuum cleaner’s container’ ‘Finish the pavement’ ‘Vacuum ground floor and basement’ ‘Now i’ve got some ironing for you’ She tosses me a pile of skirts and a tablecloth. ‘Warm up the sauna’ ‘Prepare the chocolate cake’ While i’m doing that kids get home from school. Chores continue. ‘Warm up pizza for kids’. W/we go to sauna, then i take the kids to their swimming rehearsals and do the rest of the groceries shopping. Not much special at home after that, though kids are away.

i think my days at home will be something like this while kids are grown up.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Resuming pre-D/s habits

i wake up quite late, and i have not yet finished preparing porridge as Mistress wakes up. i prepare tea and She gives me permission to get the paper. She orders me around a little, ‘Get me a handkerchief’ etc. Then She tells me to prepares sandwiches to take away and a thermos full of tea, without telling me what She is planning. It turns out W/we are going to pick mushrooms and then to the gym. Lina and Her sleepover friend join us.

At home i prepare lunch and continue cleaning the mushrooms in the kitchen until it is time to prepare dinner: a mushroom soup for Mistress and steaks and potatoes with mushroom sauce for others.

In the evening where is work to be done with the computer, paying bills and helping Mistress with Her new laptop. Later i still prepare a large amount of Mexican chicken sauce for Monday and Tuesday.

Planning investments and working from home tkes my attention in the evening, She even goes to sleep before me: a bit of resuming the old habits pre-D/s.

A restoration of order. i prepare whitefish sauce for tomorrow and She orders me early to bed. Then comes a surprise: i may lick Her pussy while on my knees, and then even from behind as She kneels on all fours, and i may fuck Her from behind, and again W/we get a simultaneous orgasm. i have not experienced blood in my spunk any more, but two cums with short intervals do lower my service attitude.