Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Balls pulled, neck bitten

Buying Christmas presents after work. At home preparing garlic-chili marinade for Mistress the whole evening. i have to peel every garlic glove individually for the marinade, and She wants a lot of it. This is one of Her favorite dishes. Of why the garlic gloves are so small - W/we have grown them by O/ourselves.

In the evening i am the first in bed, i’m so tired. As She joins me She starts groping my thong-clad buttocks, orders me to raise my ass up in the air, head down. She starts digging out my balls, takes them out of the thong. As She pulls on my balls and bites my neck i start fantasizing. The fantasy goes like this: i’m tied on my back on the bed, my legs are up in the air and spread, elbows tied between my back. i have lacy stockings. Between the stockings my view consists of a hairless crotch, it’s known that i have myself plucked all hair in advance with an epilator, regardless of the pain. my feet are tied to the headboard of the bed, so low that my sissy clit hangs in front of my mouth. i could reach out and touch it, but with my mouth only. i am not allowed to touch it. A spreader bar is fixed above my knees. Mistress settles by the headboard and starts masturbating me. i’m not allowed to cum without permission. i don’t know if i get permission later or not. She changes to the whip, whips my buttocks and asshole area into hot pain. She can stick pins into my buttocks like into a pin cushion. She might milk me using an Aneros. Probably i will not get to cum, but if i will, it will be into my own mouth and after stimulation to my sissy clit and anus have stopped a good while before my actual squirt.

As She has stopped manipulating me, i am able to tell Mistress about this fantasy.

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