Monday, 5 September 2011

Chauffeuring Her

Next week was spent pretty much working. A board meeting on Wednesday night. On Thursday i drive after work to a work interview 100km to another direction, then pick up Mistress from home and drive Her to Oslo for a meeting with Her friends. The rest of the family is having a holiday week, and on Friday i get to drive them to a nature trail, continue from there to work, and pick them up after work, and still drive the family to Oslo, where Mistress attends an exhibition opening and we rest go to movies. It takes nearly an hour per direction to Oslo, so a lot of driving this week. On Saturday Lina gives a sleepover party to her friends. Much of my Saturday goes working for a local association. The evening is spent cleaning the mushrooms Mistress picked on the nature trail. On Sunday Mistress drives Herself to Oslo to visit galleries and leaves me with a work list: carrot soup, chili con carne, empty the stinking compost – and weed the gravel paths. Tuesday evening Mistress wants me to do the evening workout in the bedroom naked. Then She gestures me to get on the bed by Her and W/we hug. Then She becomes more aggressive, She pushes me on my back, bites my ears, sucks them so that they are in Her mouth altogether, She bites my neck and my cheeks (!), rubs my collarbones with Her forehead so that the skin rolls violently over them, bites my nipples. She is again angry with my poor performance, i understand it well. my slave spirit has been low, and it has got much to do with the abundance of work and work-related stress.

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