Friday, 2 September 2011

A day off without kids

i have a day off. i take care that Lina is at 7am at the bus stop so that Mistress can sleep late. Then i make porridge and W/we eat breakfast as She wakes up. She orders me to continue paving work. Tomorrow is Lina’s birthday, and i must finish my work today.

After Mat’s has left for school too, Mistress calls me and orders me in. She tells me to open the toy chest and strip. As i undress, She has chosen the old full body harness She has made Herself in the early S/M days. It has two leather straps going vertically from shoulder to my crotch on front and back, and connecting straps at nipple level and a belt. She makes me find the electric training collar too round my neck. She makes me continue wearing the cb-2000 which makes me a bit uncomfy. This is my costume for cleaning upstairs for the party, going to ground floor (with possibility of being seen by neighbours) and clean there too, put things in place etc.

She stops me to give me the ear treatment, fucking me ears with Her fingers, which feels quite overwhelming – maybe i just have sensitive ears. While She talks on the phone i go to put summer coats in the basement closet, and it’s then that i feel the sudden ‘zap’ at my neck. i let Mistress know immediately where i am and run to report to Her.

Next it is kitchen cleaning, preparing party menu and shopping list together with Mistress, and finally i can put on my regular clothes over the harness, remove the shock collar, take the shopping list and drive Mistress to the mall and do groceries and alcohol shopping while She goes to clothes shops. i may even comment on a skirt She buys later.

At home i wrm up some lunch, and the day continues under her strict schedule: ‘Put on the music’, ‘Prepare coffee and tea’, ‘you may have one candy with coffee’, ‘Take off the harness’ ‘Empty the central vacuum cleaner’s container’ ‘Finish the pavement’ ‘Vacuum ground floor and basement’ ‘Now i’ve got some ironing for you’ She tosses me a pile of skirts and a tablecloth. ‘Warm up the sauna’ ‘Prepare the chocolate cake’ While i’m doing that kids get home from school. Chores continue. ‘Warm up pizza for kids’. W/we go to sauna, then i take the kids to their swimming rehearsals and do the rest of the groceries shopping. Not much special at home after that, though kids are away.

i think my days at home will be something like this while kids are grown up.


  1. Your Mistress certainly is keeping you busy. I am sure you love it. :)

  2. That's right. It's always great and makes me hard inside my cock cage as She ascertains Her power over me.