Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Errands in a minidress

Thursday and Friday nights are spent in a seminar and a party.
On Saturday i wake up only after Mistress, She goes to a yard sale in benefit of Lina’s school. She has a chore list for me: take care of the bills, empty the boat, clean the gutters. Preparing lunch, then She has assigned me to clean up at the yard sale site. From there i go to grocery store with Lina. She has made plans to go to a sleepover visit to Her friend’s and Mats is going to a birthday party. So Mistress and i can spend almost the whole evening together.

After taking Lina to her friend Mistress tells me to go to the bedroom with Her and undress. She gives me a simple minidress, dark blue with lace. It fits me very well, hugging my lines. When i have it on, She tells me to kiss Her toes, then legs and finally Her ass. Then She gives me some errands,
-‘Get me the scissors. They are in the basement’
-‘Get me the yarn box’
-‘Prepare sandwiches and tea for the both of U/us and bring them here’
Each time i will have to pass windows, risking to be seen in my minidress.
After W/we have eaten She tells me to dress Her in stay ups and corset and get undressed myself. She makes me lick Her pussy from below and from behind, get a condom and then fuck Her from below and from behind. Now my timing is perfect, W/we cum simultaneously, She a little bit before me.

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