Thursday, 8 September 2011

Face slaps keep me to my ironing

Saturday morning
For once W/we both sleep late and wake up together. First thing in the morning She orders me to get a condom and W/we make love. Normally She never has sex with me in the morning, as She is a night person. As She cums, i cannot help but start cumming myself. i pull out to ruin it, i’m afraid of another sub drop. Then She sends me off to prepare Her breakfast. i have to leave for grocery stores and hurry back to prepare lunch, horseradish pike. i have to work with my laptop in the afternoon, until it’s time to prepare a fajitas dinner.

Sunday is a special day, i have to work in the morning and in the afternoon at the mall. i have a stand and hand out leaflets. As i have a break, i drive home to prepare lunch for the family, and Mistress orders e with Her to the gym. After a shower it’s so nice to feel fresh and continue work at the mall.

Next week i am thoroughly occupied with my work. The reason must be the inevitable sub drop. As i get home on Friday Mistress has had a few drinks, She orders me to change and prepare tortilla espanola and mushroom soup for dinner. She continues to boss me around the whole night, and puts me to ironing work, then i take Lina to the swimming hall. W/we don’t have time together, as Mats is tired and doesn’t want to go to the swimming rehearsals. She slaps my face a few times to emphasize Her dominance. my sissy clit tries to get hard because of the face slaps but points of intrigue do their job.

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  1. Sometimes face slaps make me lose my erection too. Just so... harsh! :)