Friday, 9 September 2011

Fathers' day wanking present

Preparing breakfast, getting the paper, then preparing enchilados for Mats’s birthday guests. i have to go to the grocery store, and soon after that the guests arrive. i lay the tables, make coffe for the guests etc.
In the evening She licks and sucks my ear really strongly, which makes me giggle.

Next days go by quite unnoticeably. On Friday Mats doesn’t go to swimming and i warm up the sauna.

On Saturday i shave my pubic triangle even smaller and again i have to go to the mall to work. In the evening i prepare nettles pasta for Mistress and lamb steaks for others.

On Sunday it is Fathers’ Day. i wake up before 7 and i find a chocolate cake in the kitchen along with Mats’s present – a chocolate bar. i epilate the new area i shaved yesterday – ouch! – it hurts more surprisingly much. i prepare breakfast and after Mistress wakes up also whipped cream, and W/we eat some of the chocolate cake. She asks if i would have wanted something else for Fathers’ Day as well. ‘It would be nice’ i reply. ‘you may go to the toilet and masturbate two times 30 seconds, and get a ruined cum if you can’

i go to remove the cb, then move to toilet. First 30 seconds masturbation on my knees, i don’t quite get to the edge yet. Then i get on my back, rise my legs so that my ass is in the air, and the legs land on the sides of my head. i take a mirror, and watch my shaved ass well displayed in this position and start masturbating. i have to slow down before 30 seconds are full this time, not to cum. At 25 seconds i take a spurt, and some moments before full time a few big, thick dollops shoot right inside my mouth. Disgusting!

Next She wants to leave for a little rowing tour, after that i prepare a shrimp dish for lunch and then T/they take me for a surprise ride again. Mistress and Lina tie a towel on my eyes, blindfolding me like T/they did on my birthday, and drive to a secret location. This time i can guess right there W/we are going: a store that is open on Sundays. At the aprking lot i may remove the blindfold. The experience is quite erotic anyway, my sissy clit tries to harden inside the cb, and it hurts.

In the evening i may get Mistress stockings, and W/we fuck again, first She on top, and finishing off doggy style. She cums of course, i can hold myself back this time.

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