Sunday, 4 September 2011

Laying the table with Her mom

Mistress works late. Clearing the garden after the storm, and paving work, until Mistress comes from work and W/we lay the table with mother-in-law.

Reaching the nadir, the cum last week took away the sex drive, it has been easy to get the sissy clit fit into the cb-2000 lately. Also some work related stress.

At least i look for Mistress as i get home from work, find her in Her study and report, asking for instructions. She uses me all evening to move Her stuff from Her study to a new workroom in the basement that She is taking over.

W/we finally bring mother-in-law back to her apartment in O/our hometown. W/we stay the weekend there. my parents live there too, and i take care of them and also take kids shopping. mats and i get ice creams at the mall. What a nice day! Then W/we return home, i unpack everything and start preparing food.

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