Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mistress demands better service quality or call it off

i wake up even earlier and gain a lot of net time that way. i prepare porridge at 7am as Mistress wakes up and visits the bathroom. Then i browse some more as She goes back to sleep. i remember She said She has some chores for me to do in the morning, and i try to go and ask Her about it, but She seems to be sleeping and i tiptoe back. i examine a couple of new blogs, especially Mistress Millicent and Her theory.

As She wakes up W/we eat and i do the forgotten morning job: translate a text of Hers into English. Then She wants to go on a lengthy walk with me. Back at home, i finish window washings, and then prepare lunch. Later in the evening i warm up sauna, and after sauna i put the cb back on for some more net time.

Next week goes by unnoticed again. Friday night Mistress raises a havoc on not getting anything out of O/our relationship. 'your service has deteriorated so much from last winter. you hardly prepare the menu in advance any more' etc. Yes, last winter i was more enthusiastic, i wonder if my interest for D/s was of passing sort. However W/we decide to continue O/our D/s relationship. As a result i go through my Excel-file of timed chores (last time i had opened it in June) and do the maintenance of the pool from the list.

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