Friday, 30 September 2011

Mistress does house planning with another man

i wake up without alarm at 6.40, shower and shave my armpits altogether and groom my pubic triangle into a short stubble, and shorten the hair at the tops of my thighs. Then i epilate and pluck the tender spots, put my hair nicely and shave my face closely. According to Mistress’s orders given last night i put fire in the fireplace next, and after that i can have some net time. i read maid stories written by “Deborah Ford”, especially “The Hotel” strikes me. At that time it was posted in Xaxasissy’s weblog, but nowadays i cannot find it anywhere. i have a copy myself, but i guess Deborah has ordered it’s removal so i don’t post it.

After Mistress wakes up i serve the tea and porridge i have prepared. i ask permission to get today’s paper, and i give it to Her to read (She gives me a smaller paper). Then working under Her command: cleaning the kitchen, putting clean laundry away, getting firewood, maintaining the fire. i ask to be allowed to prepare the carrot soup (according to the menu) as i have to leave soon to see my mom who’s taken to hospital. i prepare the soup. Housewife’s duties suit me very well. Just a couple of day’s ago Mistress specifies some changes to the facade of O/or house to an engineer W/we know, living in the same block, for him to do the drawings for U/us. i just greeted the man, i was not involved in any other way. Men’s work suits my Wife better – i mean men’s work that requires thinking. Before i leave i eat a housewifes light lunch: carrot soup and bread.

In the evening Mistress’s wants to fuck again. This time i may fuck a little without a condom, which makes me very sensitive, and i must take a break as it becomes too nice. As i continue, with a condom, it’s still quite nice, as She ordered foreskin to be drawn back, so i cum together with Her, and during fucking i had to stop a few times not to cum too early.

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