Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mistress finds a pretty dress for me

i have a flu and i am very tired, but according to Mistress’s orders i visit two grocery stores, get Mats from his hobbies and take kids swimming. As i have left the kids at the swimming hall at the rehearsals and return home, Mistress orders me upstairs. ‘Give me two suggestions of slave costumes for you’. It’s so difficult when something like that is asked without a warning, i cannot think of anything, find anything suitable, i’m so lousy at decision making. i just keep rising stuff out of the toy chest, so Mistress chooses stay ups, a long and very tight black corset, and orders me to undress and put them on. On top of them She orders a red and white dress and a wide black belt, which gives me a very pretty narrow waist. ‘If you had bigger breasts, you would make a very pretty, curvy woman. Cock cage stays on, it has medium spikes, but it doesn’t bother me much, i have grown used to being so restricted.

Dressed as a woman i will have to complete a lot of chores, empty ashes from fireplaces, sweep the floors, and especially cleansing the kitchen thoroughly. Afterwards i spend time kneeling in from of Mistress in the living room chatting with Her.

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