Thursday, 1 September 2011

Resuming pre-D/s habits

i wake up quite late, and i have not yet finished preparing porridge as Mistress wakes up. i prepare tea and She gives me permission to get the paper. She orders me around a little, ‘Get me a handkerchief’ etc. Then She tells me to prepares sandwiches to take away and a thermos full of tea, without telling me what She is planning. It turns out W/we are going to pick mushrooms and then to the gym. Lina and Her sleepover friend join us.

At home i prepare lunch and continue cleaning the mushrooms in the kitchen until it is time to prepare dinner: a mushroom soup for Mistress and steaks and potatoes with mushroom sauce for others.

In the evening where is work to be done with the computer, paying bills and helping Mistress with Her new laptop. Later i still prepare a large amount of Mexican chicken sauce for Monday and Tuesday.

Planning investments and working from home tkes my attention in the evening, She even goes to sleep before me: a bit of resuming the old habits pre-D/s.

A restoration of order. i prepare whitefish sauce for tomorrow and She orders me early to bed. Then comes a surprise: i may lick Her pussy while on my knees, and then even from behind as She kneels on all fours, and i may fuck Her from behind, and again W/we get a simultaneous orgasm. i have not experienced blood in my spunk any more, but two cums with short intervals do lower my service attitude.

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