Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Service, no sex

During next week Mistress gropes my genitals while W/we are in bed. It feels really good. She pays special attention to my “pussy”, meaning my perineum and asshole, which She pokes through my thong. Another time She orders me in turn to squeeze Her buttocks.
On Friday She goes out with Her colleagues. i stay home with kids. Mats falls asleep in his day clothes. Lina’s hamster get’s sick. i take Lina swimming.
During the weekend: a lot of service, no sex. Her libido goes up and down, and now it is not the right time.
On Saturday i wake up early, morning net time, preparing rice porridge. She orders me to empty the gutters, clear the junk that has accumulated behind the shed, saw some firewood, carry firewood to wood shed, prepare a fajitas meal, after coffee She tells me to start washing windows from the outside. It’s already very cold, i must put on woollen gloves and plastic gloves on top of them, but my fingers are freezing all the same. i work first on the balcony and then on top of the ladders, until it becomes dark. Then back inside, to prepare cookie dough.

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