Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Serving drinks and being whipped

In the evening, after taking kids to the swimming rehearsals, i have to undress in the kitchen until i’m slave naked, clean the kitchen and bring Her a glass of wine. She’s sitting on the sofa, reading a mag. Next She sends me to bring the riding crop and look for the dog collar that has been missing. ‘If you don’t find it, I’ll whip you much more severely’. Luckily i find it and i have to wear it.

‘Kneel up, facing away from me’ She starts whipping my buttocks, with an occasional slap on the balls, reaching them between my legs. my cb becomes so crammed full, points of intrigue biting firmly in the root of my sissy clit. As She stops and orders me to bring another glass of wine, i have to limp with my legs spread, as sissy clit tries to get firm and the points hurt. A lot of precum is oozing. i hand Her the glass, She tells me to get back into the kneeling position, and another blow on my ass follows. She takes her time, long breaks between blows. She’s sitting peacefully on the couch. Finally: ‘Take the toys back to the toy chest’. Each time i go upstairs i risk being seen through the window. Now also the stripes in my buttocks could be seen.

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