Monday, 26 September 2011

She cums, i am rewarded with a nice moment of masturbation

Walking on Montjuic mountain - great views over the city, then funicular down and walking on Ramblas. W/we come too late to Palau Guell again. A great lunch, a mediaval church, then to shops and apartment, early to pack. Back to shops to buy presents.

W/we wait nervously for the leaser to return O/our warranty payment, he comes in time. Last purchases on the airport, the plane is an hour late. Back at the old, cold house! Mistress gets the cat, it has been taken car by Her mom. i get the hamster with Lisa from Her friend. Still no sex drive.

No alarm, i wake up only after 9, prepare a quick breakfast and wake Her up. Still no net time. i prepare lunch for 12am and then W/we take Mistress to Her literature club, and buy skates to Lina and a present for O/our goddaughter. After the club W/we continue to the goddauhter’s anniversary. Mistress drops hints about sex, but in the evening She’s too tired.

i wake up with an alarm at 7am. Now i have time to groom my nether regions; in Barcelona i didn’t have my epilator, and it is impossible to epilate everything that has grown at a time.
Mistress orders me some woodwork and takes Lina with her friend to swim. i prepare lunch and She orders me with Her to the gym, then to swimming hall’s cafĂ© (nice!). W/we pick up Lina, then some computer work and warming up sauna.

In the evening i prepare Mexican chicken for kids to eat next week, and then hotfoot upstairs there Mistress very promisingly orders me to lock the bedroom door (a sure sign something’s gonna happen).

Next i wait on my knees as She has reached a convenient place in the book She is reading, lying on the bed. She orders me to remove my shirt and socks (leaving only my thong) and open the toy chest. i get posture collar and leather ankle and wrist bracelets.
-‘Remove your thong’
She undresses and puts on Her corset and stay ups, She makes me mad by Her looks. i may suck Her nipples on my knees, then lick Her pussy. She takes me inside Her pussy for a few pleasurable bareback thrusts.
-‘Get a condom’
i pull out, cover myself with rubber. i pull the foreskin forth without asking, i don’t want to cum yet as last time i lost my appetite for nearly a week. i want to remain hot.
-‘On your back on the bed’
Her knees hurt, so i get to fuck Her only a short time from below, then on my side from behind. She cums quite soon, and i can accelerate into crescendo without a risk of cumming myself. i continue until She tells me to stop. i ask and get permission to masturbate a little watching Her precious butt between Her corset and stay ups, as She lies on Her belly on the bed.
-‘Now to sleep!’

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