Saturday, 3 September 2011

She really likes to bite my butt!

Guests for Lina’s party are arriving soon. i’ll have to prepare in advance Greek salad, peel the potatoes and onions, then after a small break, clean closets in the hall, the prepare whitefish rolls and sauce. Mistress leaves for Her literature club meeting and to meet Her friend as i toll in the kitchen. Guests arrive before Mistress returns. i entertain them, finish the meal. Later Mistress joins and W/we dine. The evening is spent with the guests. Her mom will stay with us for a week.

Mother-in-law wakes up early, but i succeed in shaving and epilating before that. W/we share the homework between me and Her mom. In the morning W/we go altogether to the woods to pick mushrooms. W/we can’t find any. As W/we are returning to the car, She tells me to run ahead and get the car nearer.

Back at home i prepare lunch. Then She sends me off to my paving project. The first autumn storm is breaking and i get cold so i may get back in. Next i will have to prepare a fajitas meal for dinner and warm up sauna.

In the sauna Mistress starts gives me feedback. ‘you should have asked me for further assignments each time right after finishing the previous one. you did too little paving work also, how come you got cold so quickly?’ She has a metal ladle that has become hot in the sauna, and She touches my buttocks, breasts and collarbone area with it, the latter being the most sensitive, surprisingly. ‘Lie down on your side’ She ordered, and then She bit badly both my buttocks a couple of times each. Then She even grabs my balls from between my legs, and holds them tight biting my butt at the same time. She really likes to bite my butt!

In the evening i have got some work i am allowed to so on the computer. i have no interest for net porn after the latest orgasm. A clear case of sub drop. i hope i can improve my ways even before i get over it.

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