Monday, 19 September 2011

So difficult to fuck Her without cumming

Mistress kept me so busy this weekend i had no net time, and could not post. Here we go back to my diary entries:

Sunday morning i wake up early again, now i have even some net time, and i have time to prepare another type of porridge that requires long preparing. W/we leave along Her wish to a artisan market and then to see sofas in a few furniture dealers. At home i prepare Her favourite warm ghoat cheese – rhubarb jelly sandwiches for Her.

Tuesday evening She gives me a surprise and makes me for smell and then lick Her pussy in all different ways. She makes me put on a condom – foreskin back – and fucks me lying on top of me, making me suck Her breasts. Then She tells me to fuck Her from below and finally orders me to do it in doggy style. i am about to manage without an orgasm, but as i have already stopped moving after Her orgasm, i cum, immobile.

Next weekend goes under Her tighter reign, but without Her making an initiative for sex. On Saturday i take kids for their schools for the end-of term party, together with Mistress W/we pick Lina up and She leads us on a shopping spree. At home i prepare whitefish lunch, On Sunday chili con carne and a mushroom soup for starters. On Sunday She takes U/us to gym, and in the evening to a café. She makes me spend much time looking up sofas in the net.

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