Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still learning to fuck Her without cumming


i wake up around 7, have just enough time to prepare porridge before Mistress wakes up. i get the paper for Her, and at 8 W/we leave, i may help Her set up a market fair stand for Her company. Her employee comes to do the selling, and W/we continue to a flea market. There’s a nice midinette dress, i hint i would like that (for myself), but She doesn’t buy it for me. W/we get back at the closing time and i help dismounting the stand and drive the parts back to Her company. i misunderstand her, and after returning the stand i sit in the car and wait for Her as She’s inside Her office. i fall asleep. She wakes me up, reprimands me for leaving the stand in a wrong place and not reporting to get further assignments. i’m sorry, i try to explain.

W/we drive to the mall, i do grocery shopping. Then at home i start preparing dinner. Mistress takes Lina to her sleepover.

In the evening i bring Chinese takeaway food as per Mistress’s and Mats’s wishes, and W/we watch TV with Mats and listen to old vinyls.

W/we go to sleep late, but Mistress takes the initiative in the bed and i start rubbing my body against Hers. Some ear sucking follows, which never fails to make me all giggly. She orders me to put on a condom, foreskin back, and lets me fuck Her on my knees as She sits on the edge of the bed, then from behind. She cums, and i cum too in a reaction to Her cum, even though there was no intention whatsoever. With foreskin drawn back it just seems impossible to make her cum without cumming myself just as i slow down in the aftermath of Her orgasm.

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