Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stricter discipline

The week flashes by. i have things to do in the evenings, and often i fall asleep on the couch as i get home. Sex drive is nonexistent. On Sunday i even have trouble getting my sissy clit up as i have husbandly duties to perform, as i worry about O/our investments. And i never have potency problems...

Next week Mistress spends in a health spa, and returns only on Friday. On Saturday She restores the discipline. W/we take a walk to a new road, and i have to walk one step behind, She even orders me to walk in the bottom of a ditch for some time.

She starts a new stricter disciplinary phase. my new job is removing Her boots, and putting them to closet. She might toss me a banana skin without saying anything, even with kids seeing, for me to take to garbage.

During the day She orders me on my knees many times, even in the kitchen. After W/we have eaten a shrimp dish i have prepared She wants me to work as a discjockey and play music for Her. Already in the evening i get to make love to Her.

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