Monday, 12 September 2011

Supervised sex

Wednesday night i may make love to Mistress again. First W/we hug in the living room and continue in bed. Then She tells me to undress (also the cb), She unlocks the toy chest and takes the collar in Her lap. That’s the mark for me to press my neck on the collar, then She buckles it on. She takes the body harness from the toy chest and as i put it on She dresses in a corset and stay ups.

She gestures me to kneel in front of Her. She sits on the edge of bed, traps my sissy clit between Her knees and pinches my nipples, notices my erection is hardening. She presses my head down, as a sign for me to lick Her pussy on my knees. Later She climbs on the bed on all fours, and i may/must continue, my nose deep in Her ass as i lick.

‘Get the condom. Get on your knees and put it on. - On the bed on your back’ She impales Herself on my sissy clit and fucks me a few times. Then i may fuck Her from below and from behind and W/we both cum, me a little bit too early, causing Her a long but peakless orgasm. i'm genuinely sorry for the failure.

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