Saturday, 24 September 2011

A trip to Barcelona

After Christmas holidays my mother-in-law joined U/us on O/our way home, to stay with U/us until the New Year. Mistress has a longer holiday, i return to work. In the evenings i may e.g. lie on the floor by Mistress’s feet, get Mistress and Her mom wine as per Her instructions. W/we study travel guides: W/we are going to Barcelona.

Friday at 4am the alarm goes off for Barcelona. Everyone’s awake at once. i have prepared sandwiches for the morning and cleaned the kitchen in the evening. Everything goes fine and in the plane W/we enjoy the sandwiches. In Barcelona it drizzled as W/we get into O/our apartment by a beautiful square. Once there, the roles settle. i make sandwiches, do the dishes (no dishwasher), She picks the targets for O/our trips. Here are still separate meat, bread, vegetable etc. shops, so i have to visit at least 4 shops to get O/our small purchases, which is annoying as i am already so tired. So they send in the evening in advance to the apartment to prepare dinner, as the O/others still make a tour round the seafront area.

Saturday morning i wake up at 7, it’s still dark. She’s awake as well, i try to seduce Her but She feels sexless, in advance of Her period. She orders me to rub Her back, long strokes from the neck down along the spine. ‘Are you very needy’, She asks. i explain that i didn’t cum during Christmas time, and not one way or the other after that. That’s it – She just wanted to know it, not help it.

W/we walk a lot, also visiting modern art museum where they are playing a funny Queer Orlando –movie. In the evening W/we are all very tired.

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