Sunday, 30 October 2011

Masturbation postponed

During the night i wake up and notice i don’t think about sex but work. i try if i can get an erection with thoughts only, and it succeeds as i think of The Hotel story (see Stories list for a link). i wonder if the masturbation would have worked with only three fingertips. i try: yes, well. It works with even one fingertip if one strains the muscles of sissy clit hard. i think of a variation to the masturbation scene, in which i am tied to a ceiling hook on my tiptoes: a leather helmet/hood in my head, a hook in my nose is drawing my head back, the hook is connected to my right wrist that is drawn behind my back, up near the shoulder blades. the other hand is free, i may masturbate with one or two fingertips. It feels too masculine to masturbate with a full hand, even on my knees.

‘my ejaculation yesterday went a bit too far, i’m afraid’, i say to Mistress as i pluck my ball hairs in the morning, as Mistress applies make up and then uses the toilet in the same bathroom. i look at my pubic triangle and consider plucking the form a little bit towards the for of letter T.

i stand up and clean kitchen while i eat breakfast. During the day i’m again addicted to sex stuff, even at work, i even read a little bit of The Hotel at work (i have saved it).

After work at home i report to Mistress right away. She is doing patchwork, orders me to change clothes and eat. i fry more chicken to go with the fajitas. Lina joins me in the dinner table. Cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, putting new laundry to dry, then to living room, where Mistress is pretesting Lina before her school test. i settle on the carpet by Mistress’s feet (W/we have a large living room). Soon She sends me to lay out a supper buffet table and prepare some for me. As i eat i wash part of the fridge and the microwave spontaneously. W/we start watching Simpsons, i start drifting to sleep. She sends me to bed at 9pm. i tie my hands to my neck with shoestrings. Otherwise my temptation to masturbate would be too big. As She later joins me i ask if i got a merit today – ‘No’. So the next wish day is Saturday at the earliest.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mistress defines the rules

Before W/we fall asleep She defines the rules so that after three consecutive days with merits i may make a wish list where She chooses. Preparing the wish list will be the first prize after the first 3 successive merit days, as preparing the list itself is a big pleasure. Besides, after one very good serving day i my get an on-the-spot prize, which is whipping of my bare buttocks, a paradox: a punishment as a prize.


i wake up early and epilate carefully and happily, partly as She applies make-up. i mention Mistress how i thought i would raise the place of my pubic triangle, and She agrees, as i show that the new place wouldn’t be excessively high.

During the day i prepare my MsRika translation with pics. In the evening i have a meeting, home at 7.40pm. i start preparing a fajitas meal right away. There’s so little time to earn a merit! The tiring effect of my 12,5 hour working day must not show now. As i have the fajitas laid out i warm myself the oldest leftovers, meat stew from Mistress’s Saturday night party and yesterday’s leftover potatoes. Then i prepare some rice, for Mistress’s lunch box that i prepare. This time it consists of rice-tofu-sauce. There’s no time for tv tonight: i put laundry to dry and look for a turnip recipe instead. Later i suggest reading Tolstoi, and i may read aloud a long time. Afterwards i ask and yes, i had earned a merit.

Friday, 28 October 2011

the best sex ever - countdown squirting as foreplay


i wake up before the alarm again, before 6am, but the cb has not interfered with my sleeping, i have not waken up once during the night. i epilate and pluck my pubes carefully. i also have some time for the net before Mats wakes up next. i have a shit without peeing again at work, no cum appears this time.

i get home through a grocery store. Mistress arrives much later. Before that i clean up, cook potatoes as W/we have a lot of other food ready. i lay the table for me and Mistress, Lina comes to eat also and W/we eat together, i eat oldest leftovers (smoked salmon).

As Mistress arrives, i meet Her in the hall and offer to take off Her outer clothes and follow Her as Her servant looking for chances to serve Her. i fill Her glass with water, taking care the temperature is just right. Later She orders tea. Our cleaner lady is coming tomorrow, so She shows me how to prepare for that: cat’s cups to the shower stall, all dried laundry to be folded and drying rack put together, laundry taken to closets. Everything has to be off floors, surfaces that are wiped must be free of things, kids must be ordered to take their stuff off the floor in their rooms.

A little before 8 i Mistress orders me to lay out supper buffet, and by asking i find out what kind of sandwiches Mistress and Lina want and i prepare such. Lina wants her sandwich warmed. W/we watch an episode of Simpsons together like W/we have been accustomed to, i clear the table and fill dishwasher as Mistress visits Lina’s room to put her to bed, customarily.

i wait for Mistress in O/our dark living room, and W/we get upstairs together. i tell Her i have read She comes first –book today and learned cunnilingus. ‘i have done it in a totally wrong way until now, i would love to show you what i have learned’. She doesn’t seem interested, but as i am ready in my thong and sleeveless shirt by the bed She does put me to work, licking Her as She sits on the bed. i try out my new skills, lick from the bottom up, press the tongue tightly against the vulva, then lick the lower part of vulva and keep touching Her clit with the tip of the tongue. She orders me to lick with more pressure as it becomes tickly. She also says licking the lower part is unnecessary. Then i put my finger in Her pussy, first a little and then deeper, and start hooking the finger, and licking simultaneously. She says i could proceed a little bit quicker, no need to be so cautious and slow. She puts an end to my show, and i have not finished reading the book, so the orgastic culmination is yet to be learned.

Suddenly a prostate pain hits me. i have tendency for it, but it has always occurred only after an orgasm not before. i have to sit on a hard chair for some time to get over with it. As i sit there i confess to Her that my feelings are in a turmoil, after waiting so hard i fear what is about to happen. Is the level of androgen in my veins risen because of the slavery? As the pain goes by i kneel by her bed again and tell Her i’m functional again. She asks for my wish, and i state some choices:
-masturbating while She counts down from 20 to 0, it’s ok without anything extra that Mistress thinks would cause it to not work and lead to a disappointment
-tying me down, legs up and over my head to the ‘in your own mouth’ –position, and a little handjob
-bying a vibrator to masturbate my sissy clit with in the future instead of my hand
i forget to mention buying a perforated paddle that i also had in mind earlier.
Mistress chooses masturbation, orders thong down. She asks about the starting figure, i say it could be 20 to 30 with a novice. She also asks how to prevent full orgasm. i say that i have to withdraw my hand at 0 and only after that any cum may ooze out.
She starts from 20, slowly, with a steady pace (last time the unsteady pace was a problem). i masturbate quickly, then work into a steady pace, which keeps me ready for the final spurt. As She gets to 4 i start to accelerate, but at 3 i otice that the orgasm is already coming and i withdraw my hand already. A few squirts of cum fall from the sissy clit, as much as in a full orgasm. Mistress says She thinks the first squirt only occurred after She said 0, so i performed according to the rules. However i learned that the final sprint must only start after 2. No feeling of orgasm really.

Now a surprise, Mistress orders me to get a condom and after putting it on with the foreskin back, like She expressly orders, She gets on all fours on the bed. She says She has been excited for some days already. Now She thinks after initial masturbation i can fuck without cumming with foreskin back. That’s a brilliant idea, that never occurred to me! So W/we do, i have no problems with starting to fuck again right away after the ruined orgasm. After getting into a good rhythm which ends with a loud thud as my loins hit her buttocks She cums. i have to pull out quickly at last, as it feels i’m close to the edge again! But it works nearly perfectly. i tell Her it was my best sex act ever, and i would have talked girlishly with Her forever and ever, if She hadn’t ordered ‘Lights off and start to sleep’.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A long Sunday 2/2

Lina comes to ask if she can go to the neighbour to Her friend, i say W/we must eat lunch first. i prepare the lunch, eat oldest leftovers myself and continue with cutting undies before the laptop. Soon Mistress arrives. She tells me to use another set of scissors which makes cutting easy as play. i finish the chore and collect the shreds finally into a large ball. After taking the ball away i go through the budget with Mistress. Then there are still two items on the chore list. i have to install with Mats’s help some software to Mistress’s laptop. Finally i must remove three broken tiles from laundry room floor, also the mortar below them and brush the floor.

i suggest pleasure services – massaging etc. - to Mistress next, i have done that daily since i started needing plus points to receive pleasure myself. She chooses reading Tolstoi aloud, but soon Lina starts needing attention again. i ask if T/they want the tv on, but instead i may choose some music.

i have to leave for a meeting for an hour. As i return Mistress is trying to get some sleep and Lina’s friend is visiting. Mistress complains that She couldn’t sleep last night after the party and now the girls are keeping Her awake. So i leave Her sleeping and She manages to sleep a couple of hours. In the mean time i help Lina with her homework, learning credo. After that i read Elise Sutton’s FemDom Experience.

Mistress wakes up. i prepare some rice and W/we eat leftovers from the party that Mistress brought home. Then i read a lot of Tolstoi for Mistress, after which W/we eat supper and watch tv, with me sitting on the floor by Her legs. Furtively i check Her that i am receiving a plus point for today, even though She says i seemed grumpy at the dinner table.

After brushing teeth i may grease Mistress’s legs and put on Her socks, but She doesn’t want other comfort services. W/we are getting tired both, but She asks me if i have thought of a wish. i ask if She wants one wish or 4-5 to choose from. i wish a chance to masturbate as She counts down from 20 to 0, and a possibility for a ruined orgasm at 0, my sissy clit in the air, while a leash would connect my balls to a hook in the ceiling so that i have to stand on tiptoes. Mistress slashes the idea as too complicated. ‘you lost today’s opportunity for presenting a too complicated wish’ i nearly burst into tears. i had so much looked forward to this. i say i need the chastity belt for tonight, i’m so horny. She allows me to put it on.

As W/we talk in bed it turns out i had misunderstood Her. She had meant i may suggest a daily routine which i miss if i don’t ear a merit that day. So it is necessary the routine is simple. She says i have a new chance tomorrow. i get happy again and fall asleep.

Monday, 24 October 2011

A long Sunday

i wake up for some reason already at 6am and cannot fall asleep again. 6 hours is less sleep than i need normally. Routine epilating, leaving me more than 30 minutes net time. i hit on a new idea: a slave could be made to use computer on his knees.

Porridge, laying out the table more carefully than normally, as W/we have a guest. The guest – mother-in-law – wakes up, gets the paper. i serve the coffee, porridge is also ready. Mistress wakes up, W/we hug in the kitchen. She goes into the bathroom, i follow Her asking what tea She wants for breakfast, and then prepare it and put the porridge on Her plate.

As each one of U/us finishes breakfast i clear the dishes. Mistress summons me to the living room. i get a pen and paper as i get today’s orders. First it’s folding laundry. In the midst of that i need to go to the loo. i sit on the toilet bowl, but remain a bit above the rim without touching it. As i empty my bowels i hold my cb in my hand to help not to pee – i only pee twice a day. As i wipe i notice i have got a little wet at my sissy clit. i taste and notice it is cum! Again! As i am excited and denied, defecating acts as Aneros and milks me! There’s nothing orgastic involved, it feels only good the same way shitting always does. i wipe the cock cage and eat everything. i also tell Mistress these good news.

i think to myself that this may happen every so often, but one never notices it as pee flushes the cum away. i only noticed it as i had to learn to shit without peeing.

Next on the list is cleaning my own clothes closet. It means taking everything down from the shelves, go through them – useless must be taken away to be cut to shreds later – washing the shelves and putting everything back in neat piles. No used clothing is allowed on the shelves. i have to put to laundry especially sweaters, which i have used and put back on the shelf. Years ago i used to wear each of my pants and shirts in turn, but Mistress put an end to that custom last year, because i had really many used clothes in my closet those days and it smelt.

i am proud and glad of the fact that Mistress has changed a lot of my ways. After a little learning Mistress’s new rules become my new customs.

Mistress leaves to take Her mom to the bus stop and continues to yesterday’s party site to lead the dismantling of the party. In the mean time i finish off the closet really neatly, pairing all my socks and all family members’ socks as well. Then i continue the list and go out to chop firewood. It’s raining so i give myself permission to stop quite early, after a few blocks of wood and some branches. Inside i start cutting my old long johns to shreds. It takes a sickeningly long time and i continue to do it by my laptop. i notice on the list updating Mistress’s company’s budget for next year and i decide to take a break from cutting shreds and do that. Then i continue cutting. It’s so tedious to cut long pants into a long 2cm wide strip. Even the scissors seem dull and hurt my hand.

Continued in A long Sunday part 2/2

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A busy Saturday


i wake up early, 6am, for sissy clit pain having slept with the cb-2000 on. i epilate thoroughly. W/we have purchased a new Vidal Sassoon hair clipper kit and it is excellent for shortening my pubic triangle hair a few millimetres long. i get excited as i clip it short, but manage not to masturbate. At 6.55 two a-rings go back on and the cock cage as well. Next 50 minutes is my daily net time, at 7.45 i start preparing breakfast and lay the table. My mother-in-law wakes up next, and gets the paper as i serve Her the coffee. i don’t have time to read much of the paper like she does. It has been snowing and i exhaust myself first shovelling it. Then voluntarily some laundry work, folding, putting in closets. Making the bed and ironing. Next i am sent to pay bills online and i wander on unallowed sites as well, but report back to Mistress before She starts to miss me and ask for further chores.

We end up cleaning both cars inside with Lina who wants to earn some money doing homework. Mistress soon calls out ‘The car must be ready by 12.15, i’m leaving then for my book club’ i hurry up, get my car ready by that time, and the other after She has left. Her mom has made the lunch.

As Mistress returns i notice a silk shirt of Hers not ironed and i ask if i could iron it, with kids hearing me. Of course i can. Later She wants to check the preset assignments, and She orders me to find chimney sweep’s phone number so She can order him. Doing that sort of things has shifted to Her. In the evening W/we go to a party, where i’m polite but nothing more. After that in the night no D/s this time.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Double a-ring

So here's the right pic for yesterday's post. This is what it looks like with two a-rings on a cb-2000 (i do n't know if that can be done with cb-6000 or the other models):

Friday, 21 October 2011

My first prostate milked orgasm - accidentally

In the morning i discover that the largest a-ring that i use during the night, can be left on and another, smaller a-ring can be used with it (or how many you can fit). i decide to try that for today, shower, then epilate the regular areas, and also a strip of hair from the top of my pubic triangle so that it is no longer connected to my chest and tummy hair, but forms a “separate” neat triangle. i get so excited i do a few masturbation strokes. It’s funny i have got so rid of that habit i almost never use the possibility i would have each morning to masturbate. Now i have to comb my hair and shave before my sissy clit gets so flaccid i can put the extra a-ring and cock cage on. So now tht i sleep with the cock cage i get out only for less than an hour each morning between 6-7. Two ring system feels sturdy and good and now i notice i have one pic in my collection that depicts a similar arrangement with the rings. i never realized before what it was. [it is not tis pic, but looks a bit similar. i don't have the right pic any more, but i'll take a new pic later]

At work a funny thing happens. i go to the toilet in the morning for big business – without touching the seat, squatting above it like i have done after i became a slave. This time after wiping i notice that my sissy clit, which i don’t use for peeing before noon – i have learned to do the small business and big business on separate sessions – is slimy, with light grey slime. i taste it and notice a clear taste of cum! It must have been caused by pooping. In my state of excitement pooping has probably massaged my prostate and caused my first prostate-milked cum! How degrading!

i have a little break at work and collect pictures for my MsRika text collection which i am compiling for Mistress. i am using the same laptop at home for my hobbies and at work which makes me a bit nervous at times. As i am giving a powerpoint presentation i somehow fear that i have a window of porn open and it might pop out accidentally. It never happens to me, but once i notice at a team meeting when my colleague’s laptop is connected to the projector that as he types a www address his browser suggests something like ‘a big-breasted blonde giving head’. That’s so embarrassing, but i don’t know if he or anybody else notices that.

my mother-in-law is still at home. i am very tired in the evening and mistress sends me for a nap. Then i must take Lina swimming. The evening doesn’t go just like in the movies, She has to order me to peel garlic and prepare Her favourite marinated garlic. After that i must prepare sandwiches after everyone’s wishes (except Mats’s who’s also tired and sleeping already) and pick up Lina.

In the evening i tell Mistress about the semen leak (Poppet describes a little bit similar event in his blog also). The chastity belt again for the night, but this time it hurts quite a lot during the night, i keep waking up and in the morning i think if i should ask Her to just tie my hands for the night instead of the cock cage.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Learning to sleep with the chastity belt

During the day i get a text message from Mistress: ‘Suggest three things to please me in the evening’. i text right back: ‘shoulder massage, reading your book aloud or making a fruit salad’ i have an evening meeting however and get home only at 6.30pm. Programmed i change clothes, eat, prepare fresh tomato pasta sauce. Then supper, cleaning the kitchen, preparing a lunch box for Her, lights off as per Her instructions. Upstairs brushing teeth, little nightwear on, nightly settings to the chastity belt like yesterday. She still sends me downstairs to feed the cat and fetch Her book and Her knitting.

A reading session begins with me on my knees by the bed, Her sitting on the bed knitting. After reading long and enthusiastically She orders me to stop abruptly. i stop after the next sentence, but She orders me to find a suitable place to stop so i finish the paragraph. Then i thank Her, like after receiving any order, and praise Tolstoi’s book, like it turned out to be. As i started i didn’t know what book it was, and Mistress had already read first half of it alone, so i started from the middle.

During the night i wake up a few times because of sissy clit pain, which is however bearable, and there is no ball ache (ache behind the balls) this time. i also learn an easy trick for alleviating sissy clit pain: just draw the cock cage away from your body as far as it goes.
[this is me in the pic]

Monday, 10 October 2011

Mistress's new rule

In the morning i epilate part of my pubic triangle so that it becomes smaller and the epilated area between sissy clit and pubic triangle gets larger. So no time for net.

During the day i keep thinking what i would wish from Mistress as a reward on Thursday. Would it be:
-tied from my balls to the ceiling so that i must be on tiptoes, left hand free, and after being tired being allowed to masturbate with 1 or 2 fingers.
Or dog tricks:
-balancing a dog treat on my nose, and learning to fling it in the air and catch it with my mouth. A successful catch could mean a prize like one edging.
Or learning the countdown method.

i am allowed to take the Mercedes today as i will have to have a light bulb changed to it. At home i understand that i was supposed to also have the exhaust pipe fixed, and i make the mistake of saying to Mistress that She should have reminded me of that. Later i still once go on about making an official complaint about Lina’s shoes that broke down too soon. She has to say She already knows my opinion about it.

So in the evening W/we have a severe discussion, and Mistress decides upon a new rule: i may suggest a reward only after three excellent days. During all three days i must have gained merits by for instance suggesting footbaths or doing spontaneously chores i am not doing routinely. A blunder wipes off all previous days and it starts anew. If i make two blunders one day, i must get a series of four excellent days, three blunders requires five excellent days etc.

This means bathing and oiling Mistress’s feet today are wasted except that Mistress says Her feet feel wonderfully soft and She enjoyed it very much, and also i enjoyed very much giving Her such pleasure. Especially as She soaks Her feet a long time in the warm water and orders me to read Her book (Tolstoi) to her aloud for a long time, then lets me oil them thoroughly and put on warm socks. Then She sends me to prepare supper sandwiches, with detailed instructions, and Lina asks me to make Her supper sandwiches also, and gives also exact instructions…

A little net after supper and then that severe discussion i mentioned, and after that i may try keeping the cock cage on through the night, no points, largest a-ring, longest locking pin. i wake up durin the night, but the pain is not so bad i would have to remove the cock cage. Maybe this will become the custom?


Friday, 7 October 2011

Chained at night

At work i use a little time to find more pics to illustrate my MSRika printouts for Mistress. i get home through the Spanish course. At home i ask whether She wants me to change to casual clothes and eat. ‘Yes, but first find me the telephone number for the local furniture dealer’. After eating i march upstairs immediately and ask Mistress whether She want a foot bath etc, Mats overhearing. She doesn’t want one, but i get to massage Her feet as She sits on the sofa. Next She orders me to book us a holiday at a certain spa hotel for February.

Bedtime nearing, She goes upstairs, orders me not to follow yet, but later with a pen and paper so She can dictate a chore list for the weekend. Her mom is coming to stay with U/us again and commands have to be in a more hidden form then. Upstairs She orders me to brush my teeth. i take the cb off, but i cannot get the a-ring off as i get a stiffy as soon as i get the cage off. i am really horny. i put on a thong and a tight sleeveless shirt and check my appearance in a mirror. In the morning i epilated the triangle of pubes a bit smaller, now it “stands” on the a-ring. i decide to reduce it a bit further. i get reprimands, as i have forgotten to remind Mistress to take Her magnesium, but i can fix it by fetching the pill and water from the kitchen. i have also forgotten pen and paper, oh Lord. i scurry to get them and write down the list.

She orders me to kneel by the bed and She massage my extremely swollen glans through the thong. ‘How does it feel?’, She asks. i reply i’m in paradise. She orders me to lie by Her in bed and W/we hug but She says She is too tired to fuck me. However She orders me to squeeze various parts of Her body, especially buttocks. As W/we have already stopped making out, She orders me surprisingly to lower the curtains, lock the door, take a condom and get on my back on the bed, then remove my thong and put the condom on my stiff pole. She fucks me, She’s on top. i am so thick that i feel friction in all the odd places. She turns on Her side, wants me in from behind, and finally on all fours until She cums. my pelvis keeps slamming loudly into Her soft butt, and i can accelerate without a risk for orgasm, as i drew the foreskin forth with a lot of effort. She doesn’t like the felling with foreskin forth, though: ‘It was like a soft Q-tip’. W/we talk about me getting only ruined orgasms from now on. She orders me wrist bracelets connected to a leather collar for the night as i am so horny and start sleeping with a hard dick. i have a strong urge to masturbate a little.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Just another cosy evening

i get home from work early. Lina is preparing a birthday party for her hamster: chocolate mousse. i help her. Mistress has not come home yet. As She has arrived, i help Her with ordering some software. Then it’s the mousse party, and i clear the table, clean the kitchen which is already cheerfully clean. i ask Mistress for further chores, and there ain’t any, i go for weekly grocery shopping with Lina. Then i prepare food for tomorrow, which i think gains me a merit, at least She is positively surprised. In the evening i get stratight to bed. Weaning from tv has succeeded.

In the bed i wear a thong and i raise my hips from the bed as She gropes me. i turn on my belly and take the corner of the pillow in my mouth as i guess that She wants to bite my buttock so hard that i cry. Wonderful. W/we hug.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Breach of contract right away

The contract was the starting point for a period of strict discipline and active service. On the sme Sunday She first lead U/us the gym, then She chose veggie food recipes for the whole week, and i prepared shopping lists based on that. W/we got Lina from Her sleepover and She ordered me to warm up the sauna. After that i had to hurry to prepare leek-potato soup and a pie She wanted for tomorrow lunch.

i did actively many things during the day, put laundry to dry, filled water bottles for gym etc. As i am cleaning the kitchen She comes for an inspection. She praises my initiative and says i may place a wish already today. She says She will check out the stove, so i continue to rub it spic-and-span. However later as i prepare food i have some problems, and get angry with myself which She notices. Later in bed She asks whether i think i deserved wish something. i must say i don’t and i apologize for my poor conduct. She wonders how i could right away breach the contract i signed myself (by getting angry). i try to explain that it is hard to be able to maintain the level of service throughout the day and also in the evening as i start to get tired.

So in the evening it is no wish time, She only makes me lift the new heavier weights i got as a Christmas present and read Her aloud her book kneeling by the bed.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

First sissy contract

Sunday is hard work. In the morning i epilate, prepare breakfast, get the paper. Later She wants for a walk into town. i prepare lunch, and then She wants me to fell a big tree, but it falls partly into the sea and i spend until dark sawing it into pieces. After that inside preparing dinner etc.

Next week i get a flu with secondary diseases, among others an ear inflammation, which keeps me out of play even next weekend and i call in sick even the following week. The orgasm i got keeps sexual thoughts away, i don’t even view net porn as i am ailing at home.

Only next Sunday morning things start rolling. Mats is sleeping and Lina on a sleepover. W/we discuss in Her study O/our life and i say that i wish W/we could practise a little bit more T&D. She doesn’t remember the term at the time, but wants to make Herself familiar with it again. She wants me to print out the material from MsRika’s netsite i translated for Her. i do it and add pictures, similar like what i have posted here. She wants to make it into a small folder. As it is ready She starts reading it with me at Her feet on the living room floor. In the text She finds immediately confirmations for Her opinions: i should not await any rewards, i should be more active as a servant, offer foot baths etc. i have been preparing all meals all the time, but i have still been slipping with preparing weekly menus and having Her approve them.

She orders me to get Her some tea, then pen and paper, and i may write down Her new theses:
-i will obey all orders
-i will walk prettily, no striding
-i will be active (suggesting footbaths)
-if i get angry (even rolling my eyes counts, She has the right to judge), i get a punishment from the following list:
-wet briefs (to feel like i had a period)
-nettles in pants
-clamps in ballsac
-licking the dish brush
-eating cat food

-if i think i have deserved a reward, once a week i may make a wish

i had to sign this document and make a copy at work and bring the original to Her. Once a week, on Thursdays, i may suggest something for myself.

This was the first slave contract W/we have made.