Friday, 28 October 2011

the best sex ever - countdown squirting as foreplay


i wake up before the alarm again, before 6am, but the cb has not interfered with my sleeping, i have not waken up once during the night. i epilate and pluck my pubes carefully. i also have some time for the net before Mats wakes up next. i have a shit without peeing again at work, no cum appears this time.

i get home through a grocery store. Mistress arrives much later. Before that i clean up, cook potatoes as W/we have a lot of other food ready. i lay the table for me and Mistress, Lina comes to eat also and W/we eat together, i eat oldest leftovers (smoked salmon).

As Mistress arrives, i meet Her in the hall and offer to take off Her outer clothes and follow Her as Her servant looking for chances to serve Her. i fill Her glass with water, taking care the temperature is just right. Later She orders tea. Our cleaner lady is coming tomorrow, so She shows me how to prepare for that: cat’s cups to the shower stall, all dried laundry to be folded and drying rack put together, laundry taken to closets. Everything has to be off floors, surfaces that are wiped must be free of things, kids must be ordered to take their stuff off the floor in their rooms.

A little before 8 i Mistress orders me to lay out supper buffet, and by asking i find out what kind of sandwiches Mistress and Lina want and i prepare such. Lina wants her sandwich warmed. W/we watch an episode of Simpsons together like W/we have been accustomed to, i clear the table and fill dishwasher as Mistress visits Lina’s room to put her to bed, customarily.

i wait for Mistress in O/our dark living room, and W/we get upstairs together. i tell Her i have read She comes first –book today and learned cunnilingus. ‘i have done it in a totally wrong way until now, i would love to show you what i have learned’. She doesn’t seem interested, but as i am ready in my thong and sleeveless shirt by the bed She does put me to work, licking Her as She sits on the bed. i try out my new skills, lick from the bottom up, press the tongue tightly against the vulva, then lick the lower part of vulva and keep touching Her clit with the tip of the tongue. She orders me to lick with more pressure as it becomes tickly. She also says licking the lower part is unnecessary. Then i put my finger in Her pussy, first a little and then deeper, and start hooking the finger, and licking simultaneously. She says i could proceed a little bit quicker, no need to be so cautious and slow. She puts an end to my show, and i have not finished reading the book, so the orgastic culmination is yet to be learned.

Suddenly a prostate pain hits me. i have tendency for it, but it has always occurred only after an orgasm not before. i have to sit on a hard chair for some time to get over with it. As i sit there i confess to Her that my feelings are in a turmoil, after waiting so hard i fear what is about to happen. Is the level of androgen in my veins risen because of the slavery? As the pain goes by i kneel by her bed again and tell Her i’m functional again. She asks for my wish, and i state some choices:
-masturbating while She counts down from 20 to 0, it’s ok without anything extra that Mistress thinks would cause it to not work and lead to a disappointment
-tying me down, legs up and over my head to the ‘in your own mouth’ –position, and a little handjob
-bying a vibrator to masturbate my sissy clit with in the future instead of my hand
i forget to mention buying a perforated paddle that i also had in mind earlier.
Mistress chooses masturbation, orders thong down. She asks about the starting figure, i say it could be 20 to 30 with a novice. She also asks how to prevent full orgasm. i say that i have to withdraw my hand at 0 and only after that any cum may ooze out.
She starts from 20, slowly, with a steady pace (last time the unsteady pace was a problem). i masturbate quickly, then work into a steady pace, which keeps me ready for the final spurt. As She gets to 4 i start to accelerate, but at 3 i otice that the orgasm is already coming and i withdraw my hand already. A few squirts of cum fall from the sissy clit, as much as in a full orgasm. Mistress says She thinks the first squirt only occurred after She said 0, so i performed according to the rules. However i learned that the final sprint must only start after 2. No feeling of orgasm really.

Now a surprise, Mistress orders me to get a condom and after putting it on with the foreskin back, like She expressly orders, She gets on all fours on the bed. She says She has been excited for some days already. Now She thinks after initial masturbation i can fuck without cumming with foreskin back. That’s a brilliant idea, that never occurred to me! So W/we do, i have no problems with starting to fuck again right away after the ruined orgasm. After getting into a good rhythm which ends with a loud thud as my loins hit her buttocks She cums. i have to pull out quickly at last, as it feels i’m close to the edge again! But it works nearly perfectly. i tell Her it was my best sex act ever, and i would have talked girlishly with Her forever and ever, if She hadn’t ordered ‘Lights off and start to sleep’.

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