Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Breach of contract right away

The contract was the starting point for a period of strict discipline and active service. On the sme Sunday She first lead U/us the gym, then She chose veggie food recipes for the whole week, and i prepared shopping lists based on that. W/we got Lina from Her sleepover and She ordered me to warm up the sauna. After that i had to hurry to prepare leek-potato soup and a pie She wanted for tomorrow lunch.

i did actively many things during the day, put laundry to dry, filled water bottles for gym etc. As i am cleaning the kitchen She comes for an inspection. She praises my initiative and says i may place a wish already today. She says She will check out the stove, so i continue to rub it spic-and-span. However later as i prepare food i have some problems, and get angry with myself which She notices. Later in bed She asks whether i think i deserved wish something. i must say i don’t and i apologize for my poor conduct. She wonders how i could right away breach the contract i signed myself (by getting angry). i try to explain that it is hard to be able to maintain the level of service throughout the day and also in the evening as i start to get tired.

So in the evening it is no wish time, She only makes me lift the new heavier weights i got as a Christmas present and read Her aloud her book kneeling by the bed.

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