Sunday, 23 October 2011

A busy Saturday


i wake up early, 6am, for sissy clit pain having slept with the cb-2000 on. i epilate thoroughly. W/we have purchased a new Vidal Sassoon hair clipper kit and it is excellent for shortening my pubic triangle hair a few millimetres long. i get excited as i clip it short, but manage not to masturbate. At 6.55 two a-rings go back on and the cock cage as well. Next 50 minutes is my daily net time, at 7.45 i start preparing breakfast and lay the table. My mother-in-law wakes up next, and gets the paper as i serve Her the coffee. i don’t have time to read much of the paper like she does. It has been snowing and i exhaust myself first shovelling it. Then voluntarily some laundry work, folding, putting in closets. Making the bed and ironing. Next i am sent to pay bills online and i wander on unallowed sites as well, but report back to Mistress before She starts to miss me and ask for further chores.

We end up cleaning both cars inside with Lina who wants to earn some money doing homework. Mistress soon calls out ‘The car must be ready by 12.15, i’m leaving then for my book club’ i hurry up, get my car ready by that time, and the other after She has left. Her mom has made the lunch.

As Mistress returns i notice a silk shirt of Hers not ironed and i ask if i could iron it, with kids hearing me. Of course i can. Later She wants to check the preset assignments, and She orders me to find chimney sweep’s phone number so She can order him. Doing that sort of things has shifted to Her. In the evening W/we go to a party, where i’m polite but nothing more. After that in the night no D/s this time.

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