Friday, 7 October 2011

Chained at night

At work i use a little time to find more pics to illustrate my MSRika printouts for Mistress. i get home through the Spanish course. At home i ask whether She wants me to change to casual clothes and eat. ‘Yes, but first find me the telephone number for the local furniture dealer’. After eating i march upstairs immediately and ask Mistress whether She want a foot bath etc, Mats overhearing. She doesn’t want one, but i get to massage Her feet as She sits on the sofa. Next She orders me to book us a holiday at a certain spa hotel for February.

Bedtime nearing, She goes upstairs, orders me not to follow yet, but later with a pen and paper so She can dictate a chore list for the weekend. Her mom is coming to stay with U/us again and commands have to be in a more hidden form then. Upstairs She orders me to brush my teeth. i take the cb off, but i cannot get the a-ring off as i get a stiffy as soon as i get the cage off. i am really horny. i put on a thong and a tight sleeveless shirt and check my appearance in a mirror. In the morning i epilated the triangle of pubes a bit smaller, now it “stands” on the a-ring. i decide to reduce it a bit further. i get reprimands, as i have forgotten to remind Mistress to take Her magnesium, but i can fix it by fetching the pill and water from the kitchen. i have also forgotten pen and paper, oh Lord. i scurry to get them and write down the list.

She orders me to kneel by the bed and She massage my extremely swollen glans through the thong. ‘How does it feel?’, She asks. i reply i’m in paradise. She orders me to lie by Her in bed and W/we hug but She says She is too tired to fuck me. However She orders me to squeeze various parts of Her body, especially buttocks. As W/we have already stopped making out, She orders me surprisingly to lower the curtains, lock the door, take a condom and get on my back on the bed, then remove my thong and put the condom on my stiff pole. She fucks me, She’s on top. i am so thick that i feel friction in all the odd places. She turns on Her side, wants me in from behind, and finally on all fours until She cums. my pelvis keeps slamming loudly into Her soft butt, and i can accelerate without a risk for orgasm, as i drew the foreskin forth with a lot of effort. She doesn’t like the felling with foreskin forth, though: ‘It was like a soft Q-tip’. W/we talk about me getting only ruined orgasms from now on. She orders me wrist bracelets connected to a leather collar for the night as i am so horny and start sleeping with a hard dick. i have a strong urge to masturbate a little.

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