Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Just another cosy evening

i get home from work early. Lina is preparing a birthday party for her hamster: chocolate mousse. i help her. Mistress has not come home yet. As She has arrived, i help Her with ordering some software. Then it’s the mousse party, and i clear the table, clean the kitchen which is already cheerfully clean. i ask Mistress for further chores, and there ain’t any, i go for weekly grocery shopping with Lina. Then i prepare food for tomorrow, which i think gains me a merit, at least She is positively surprised. In the evening i get stratight to bed. Weaning from tv has succeeded.

In the bed i wear a thong and i raise my hips from the bed as She gropes me. i turn on my belly and take the corner of the pillow in my mouth as i guess that She wants to bite my buttock so hard that i cry. Wonderful. W/we hug.

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