Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Learning to sleep with the chastity belt

During the day i get a text message from Mistress: ‘Suggest three things to please me in the evening’. i text right back: ‘shoulder massage, reading your book aloud or making a fruit salad’ i have an evening meeting however and get home only at 6.30pm. Programmed i change clothes, eat, prepare fresh tomato pasta sauce. Then supper, cleaning the kitchen, preparing a lunch box for Her, lights off as per Her instructions. Upstairs brushing teeth, little nightwear on, nightly settings to the chastity belt like yesterday. She still sends me downstairs to feed the cat and fetch Her book and Her knitting.

A reading session begins with me on my knees by the bed, Her sitting on the bed knitting. After reading long and enthusiastically She orders me to stop abruptly. i stop after the next sentence, but She orders me to find a suitable place to stop so i finish the paragraph. Then i thank Her, like after receiving any order, and praise Tolstoi’s book, like it turned out to be. As i started i didn’t know what book it was, and Mistress had already read first half of it alone, so i started from the middle.

During the night i wake up a few times because of sissy clit pain, which is however bearable, and there is no ball ache (ache behind the balls) this time. i also learn an easy trick for alleviating sissy clit pain: just draw the cock cage away from your body as far as it goes.
[this is me in the pic]

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  1. Wow. Very sexy evening... and pic!