Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A long Sunday 2/2

Lina comes to ask if she can go to the neighbour to Her friend, i say W/we must eat lunch first. i prepare the lunch, eat oldest leftovers myself and continue with cutting undies before the laptop. Soon Mistress arrives. She tells me to use another set of scissors which makes cutting easy as play. i finish the chore and collect the shreds finally into a large ball. After taking the ball away i go through the budget with Mistress. Then there are still two items on the chore list. i have to install with Mats’s help some software to Mistress’s laptop. Finally i must remove three broken tiles from laundry room floor, also the mortar below them and brush the floor.

i suggest pleasure services – massaging etc. - to Mistress next, i have done that daily since i started needing plus points to receive pleasure myself. She chooses reading Tolstoi aloud, but soon Lina starts needing attention again. i ask if T/they want the tv on, but instead i may choose some music.

i have to leave for a meeting for an hour. As i return Mistress is trying to get some sleep and Lina’s friend is visiting. Mistress complains that She couldn’t sleep last night after the party and now the girls are keeping Her awake. So i leave Her sleeping and She manages to sleep a couple of hours. In the mean time i help Lina with her homework, learning credo. After that i read Elise Sutton’s FemDom Experience.

Mistress wakes up. i prepare some rice and W/we eat leftovers from the party that Mistress brought home. Then i read a lot of Tolstoi for Mistress, after which W/we eat supper and watch tv, with me sitting on the floor by Her legs. Furtively i check Her that i am receiving a plus point for today, even though She says i seemed grumpy at the dinner table.

After brushing teeth i may grease Mistress’s legs and put on Her socks, but She doesn’t want other comfort services. W/we are getting tired both, but She asks me if i have thought of a wish. i ask if She wants one wish or 4-5 to choose from. i wish a chance to masturbate as She counts down from 20 to 0, and a possibility for a ruined orgasm at 0, my sissy clit in the air, while a leash would connect my balls to a hook in the ceiling so that i have to stand on tiptoes. Mistress slashes the idea as too complicated. ‘you lost today’s opportunity for presenting a too complicated wish’ i nearly burst into tears. i had so much looked forward to this. i say i need the chastity belt for tonight, i’m so horny. She allows me to put it on.

As W/we talk in bed it turns out i had misunderstood Her. She had meant i may suggest a daily routine which i miss if i don’t ear a merit that day. So it is necessary the routine is simple. She says i have a new chance tomorrow. i get happy again and fall asleep.

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  1. Oh my... I hope it wasn't too hard for you... I'm sure She meant best!