Monday, 24 October 2011

A long Sunday

i wake up for some reason already at 6am and cannot fall asleep again. 6 hours is less sleep than i need normally. Routine epilating, leaving me more than 30 minutes net time. i hit on a new idea: a slave could be made to use computer on his knees.

Porridge, laying out the table more carefully than normally, as W/we have a guest. The guest – mother-in-law – wakes up, gets the paper. i serve the coffee, porridge is also ready. Mistress wakes up, W/we hug in the kitchen. She goes into the bathroom, i follow Her asking what tea She wants for breakfast, and then prepare it and put the porridge on Her plate.

As each one of U/us finishes breakfast i clear the dishes. Mistress summons me to the living room. i get a pen and paper as i get today’s orders. First it’s folding laundry. In the midst of that i need to go to the loo. i sit on the toilet bowl, but remain a bit above the rim without touching it. As i empty my bowels i hold my cb in my hand to help not to pee – i only pee twice a day. As i wipe i notice i have got a little wet at my sissy clit. i taste and notice it is cum! Again! As i am excited and denied, defecating acts as Aneros and milks me! There’s nothing orgastic involved, it feels only good the same way shitting always does. i wipe the cock cage and eat everything. i also tell Mistress these good news.

i think to myself that this may happen every so often, but one never notices it as pee flushes the cum away. i only noticed it as i had to learn to shit without peeing.

Next on the list is cleaning my own clothes closet. It means taking everything down from the shelves, go through them – useless must be taken away to be cut to shreds later – washing the shelves and putting everything back in neat piles. No used clothing is allowed on the shelves. i have to put to laundry especially sweaters, which i have used and put back on the shelf. Years ago i used to wear each of my pants and shirts in turn, but Mistress put an end to that custom last year, because i had really many used clothes in my closet those days and it smelt.

i am proud and glad of the fact that Mistress has changed a lot of my ways. After a little learning Mistress’s new rules become my new customs.

Mistress leaves to take Her mom to the bus stop and continues to yesterday’s party site to lead the dismantling of the party. In the mean time i finish off the closet really neatly, pairing all my socks and all family members’ socks as well. Then i continue the list and go out to chop firewood. It’s raining so i give myself permission to stop quite early, after a few blocks of wood and some branches. Inside i start cutting my old long johns to shreds. It takes a sickeningly long time and i continue to do it by my laptop. i notice on the list updating Mistress’s company’s budget for next year and i decide to take a break from cutting shreds and do that. Then i continue cutting. It’s so tedious to cut long pants into a long 2cm wide strip. Even the scissors seem dull and hurt my hand.

Continued in A long Sunday part 2/2

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