Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mistress defines the rules

Before W/we fall asleep She defines the rules so that after three consecutive days with merits i may make a wish list where She chooses. Preparing the wish list will be the first prize after the first 3 successive merit days, as preparing the list itself is a big pleasure. Besides, after one very good serving day i my get an on-the-spot prize, which is whipping of my bare buttocks, a paradox: a punishment as a prize.


i wake up early and epilate carefully and happily, partly as She applies make-up. i mention Mistress how i thought i would raise the place of my pubic triangle, and She agrees, as i show that the new place wouldn’t be excessively high.

During the day i prepare my MsRika translation with pics. In the evening i have a meeting, home at 7.40pm. i start preparing a fajitas meal right away. There’s so little time to earn a merit! The tiring effect of my 12,5 hour working day must not show now. As i have the fajitas laid out i warm myself the oldest leftovers, meat stew from Mistress’s Saturday night party and yesterday’s leftover potatoes. Then i prepare some rice, for Mistress’s lunch box that i prepare. This time it consists of rice-tofu-sauce. There’s no time for tv tonight: i put laundry to dry and look for a turnip recipe instead. Later i suggest reading Tolstoi, and i may read aloud a long time. Afterwards i ask and yes, i had earned a merit.

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