Monday, 10 October 2011

Mistress's new rule

In the morning i epilate part of my pubic triangle so that it becomes smaller and the epilated area between sissy clit and pubic triangle gets larger. So no time for net.

During the day i keep thinking what i would wish from Mistress as a reward on Thursday. Would it be:
-tied from my balls to the ceiling so that i must be on tiptoes, left hand free, and after being tired being allowed to masturbate with 1 or 2 fingers.
Or dog tricks:
-balancing a dog treat on my nose, and learning to fling it in the air and catch it with my mouth. A successful catch could mean a prize like one edging.
Or learning the countdown method.

i am allowed to take the Mercedes today as i will have to have a light bulb changed to it. At home i understand that i was supposed to also have the exhaust pipe fixed, and i make the mistake of saying to Mistress that She should have reminded me of that. Later i still once go on about making an official complaint about Lina’s shoes that broke down too soon. She has to say She already knows my opinion about it.

So in the evening W/we have a severe discussion, and Mistress decides upon a new rule: i may suggest a reward only after three excellent days. During all three days i must have gained merits by for instance suggesting footbaths or doing spontaneously chores i am not doing routinely. A blunder wipes off all previous days and it starts anew. If i make two blunders one day, i must get a series of four excellent days, three blunders requires five excellent days etc.

This means bathing and oiling Mistress’s feet today are wasted except that Mistress says Her feet feel wonderfully soft and She enjoyed it very much, and also i enjoyed very much giving Her such pleasure. Especially as She soaks Her feet a long time in the warm water and orders me to read Her book (Tolstoi) to her aloud for a long time, then lets me oil them thoroughly and put on warm socks. Then She sends me to prepare supper sandwiches, with detailed instructions, and Lina asks me to make Her supper sandwiches also, and gives also exact instructions…

A little net after supper and then that severe discussion i mentioned, and after that i may try keeping the cock cage on through the night, no points, largest a-ring, longest locking pin. i wake up durin the night, but the pain is not so bad i would have to remove the cock cage. Maybe this will become the custom?


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