Friday, 21 October 2011

My first prostate milked orgasm - accidentally

In the morning i discover that the largest a-ring that i use during the night, can be left on and another, smaller a-ring can be used with it (or how many you can fit). i decide to try that for today, shower, then epilate the regular areas, and also a strip of hair from the top of my pubic triangle so that it is no longer connected to my chest and tummy hair, but forms a “separate” neat triangle. i get so excited i do a few masturbation strokes. It’s funny i have got so rid of that habit i almost never use the possibility i would have each morning to masturbate. Now i have to comb my hair and shave before my sissy clit gets so flaccid i can put the extra a-ring and cock cage on. So now tht i sleep with the cock cage i get out only for less than an hour each morning between 6-7. Two ring system feels sturdy and good and now i notice i have one pic in my collection that depicts a similar arrangement with the rings. i never realized before what it was. [it is not tis pic, but looks a bit similar. i don't have the right pic any more, but i'll take a new pic later]

At work a funny thing happens. i go to the toilet in the morning for big business – without touching the seat, squatting above it like i have done after i became a slave. This time after wiping i notice that my sissy clit, which i don’t use for peeing before noon – i have learned to do the small business and big business on separate sessions – is slimy, with light grey slime. i taste it and notice a clear taste of cum! It must have been caused by pooping. In my state of excitement pooping has probably massaged my prostate and caused my first prostate-milked cum! How degrading!

i have a little break at work and collect pictures for my MsRika text collection which i am compiling for Mistress. i am using the same laptop at home for my hobbies and at work which makes me a bit nervous at times. As i am giving a powerpoint presentation i somehow fear that i have a window of porn open and it might pop out accidentally. It never happens to me, but once i notice at a team meeting when my colleague’s laptop is connected to the projector that as he types a www address his browser suggests something like ‘a big-breasted blonde giving head’. That’s so embarrassing, but i don’t know if he or anybody else notices that.

my mother-in-law is still at home. i am very tired in the evening and mistress sends me for a nap. Then i must take Lina swimming. The evening doesn’t go just like in the movies, She has to order me to peel garlic and prepare Her favourite marinated garlic. After that i must prepare sandwiches after everyone’s wishes (except Mats’s who’s also tired and sleeping already) and pick up Lina.

In the evening i tell Mistress about the semen leak (Poppet describes a little bit similar event in his blog also). The chastity belt again for the night, but this time it hurts quite a lot during the night, i keep waking up and in the morning i think if i should ask Her to just tie my hands for the night instead of the cock cage.

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