Sunday, 2 October 2011

First sissy contract

Sunday is hard work. In the morning i epilate, prepare breakfast, get the paper. Later She wants for a walk into town. i prepare lunch, and then She wants me to fell a big tree, but it falls partly into the sea and i spend until dark sawing it into pieces. After that inside preparing dinner etc.

Next week i get a flu with secondary diseases, among others an ear inflammation, which keeps me out of play even next weekend and i call in sick even the following week. The orgasm i got keeps sexual thoughts away, i don’t even view net porn as i am ailing at home.

Only next Sunday morning things start rolling. Mats is sleeping and Lina on a sleepover. W/we discuss in Her study O/our life and i say that i wish W/we could practise a little bit more T&D. She doesn’t remember the term at the time, but wants to make Herself familiar with it again. She wants me to print out the material from MsRika’s netsite i translated for Her. i do it and add pictures, similar like what i have posted here. She wants to make it into a small folder. As it is ready She starts reading it with me at Her feet on the living room floor. In the text She finds immediately confirmations for Her opinions: i should not await any rewards, i should be more active as a servant, offer foot baths etc. i have been preparing all meals all the time, but i have still been slipping with preparing weekly menus and having Her approve them.

She orders me to get Her some tea, then pen and paper, and i may write down Her new theses:
-i will obey all orders
-i will walk prettily, no striding
-i will be active (suggesting footbaths)
-if i get angry (even rolling my eyes counts, She has the right to judge), i get a punishment from the following list:
-wet briefs (to feel like i had a period)
-nettles in pants
-clamps in ballsac
-licking the dish brush
-eating cat food

-if i think i have deserved a reward, once a week i may make a wish

i had to sign this document and make a copy at work and bring the original to Her. Once a week, on Thursdays, i may suggest something for myself.

This was the first slave contract W/we have made.

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