Sunday, 30 October 2011

Masturbation postponed

During the night i wake up and notice i don’t think about sex but work. i try if i can get an erection with thoughts only, and it succeeds as i think of The Hotel story (see Stories list for a link). i wonder if the masturbation would have worked with only three fingertips. i try: yes, well. It works with even one fingertip if one strains the muscles of sissy clit hard. i think of a variation to the masturbation scene, in which i am tied to a ceiling hook on my tiptoes: a leather helmet/hood in my head, a hook in my nose is drawing my head back, the hook is connected to my right wrist that is drawn behind my back, up near the shoulder blades. the other hand is free, i may masturbate with one or two fingertips. It feels too masculine to masturbate with a full hand, even on my knees.

‘my ejaculation yesterday went a bit too far, i’m afraid’, i say to Mistress as i pluck my ball hairs in the morning, as Mistress applies make up and then uses the toilet in the same bathroom. i look at my pubic triangle and consider plucking the form a little bit towards the for of letter T.

i stand up and clean kitchen while i eat breakfast. During the day i’m again addicted to sex stuff, even at work, i even read a little bit of The Hotel at work (i have saved it).

After work at home i report to Mistress right away. She is doing patchwork, orders me to change clothes and eat. i fry more chicken to go with the fajitas. Lina joins me in the dinner table. Cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, putting new laundry to dry, then to living room, where Mistress is pretesting Lina before her school test. i settle on the carpet by Mistress’s feet (W/we have a large living room). Soon She sends me to lay out a supper buffet table and prepare some for me. As i eat i wash part of the fridge and the microwave spontaneously. W/we start watching Simpsons, i start drifting to sleep. She sends me to bed at 9pm. i tie my hands to my neck with shoestrings. Otherwise my temptation to masturbate would be too big. As She later joins me i ask if i got a merit today – ‘No’. So the next wish day is Saturday at the earliest.

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