Monday, 28 November 2011

cuckold sissy's prize - a sissy masturbation story

’you will pick Me up at 9am at My place.’ Phone call from Sir Steve was brief. He didn’t tell me where i would take Him, but my Wife made me help Her into Her bright red skirt, corset and garters, so it became quite obvious.

i got very excited, as i had been in chastity for 2 weeks and Sir’s visits - and only those - mean i may get release as well. Normally i do chores for Sir Steve at His place during the time that Sir Steve spends with my Wife. Because i’m heterosexual, my release always occurs at His place, while only Sir Steve is present.

‘Prepare a lunch box for yourself: the oldest leftovers soaked in milk. Take your bowl with you.’

i took care myself to leave early enough to be in time at His place. Sir Steve lived a semi-detached house in a nice green neighbourhood. i parked and went for the doorbell.

‘Get inside, sissy’, He hissed at the door. ‘After chauffeuring me to your place where I will spend Saturday with your wife, giving Her some divine sex She needs, you will return here, vacuum and wash ALL floors, mow the lawn, wash both my cars outside, vacuum and wash them inside. Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir’
He flung me His keys, and i opened Him the passenger door for a nice journey to my Wife.

A tedious day at His apartment followed. Wasn’t it enough i cooked and cleaned at O/our house? i had no free time as i had to be Her boyfriend’s maid as well. But i worked hard, my motivation was a chance to orgasm if all the tasks are completed and no flaws found.

At 12.30, my lunch time, i warmed up the plastic box and poured it into my steel dog bowl and ate my lunch in silence, thinking what my Wife, Mistress Sonja, was up to at the time. i would so like to be with Her, witnessing Her being fucked by Sir Steve, but They never let me. They don’t want me around.

i was just finishing the last chore, washing the dashboard of His SUV at 6pm as my mobile rang.
‘Get your lazy ass here sissy, it’s time for you to take daddy back home.’
During Sit Steve’s visits i was not allowed to use my own key so i rang O/our doorbell. Master Steve answered the door, but all i saw was His back as my Wife was so feverishly kissing Him goodbye. As They broke from the kiss my Wife spat out:
‘Kneel hubby, my Boyfriend is going to give you a souvenir of His visit’
i knelt just before the front door, that i had luckily closed.
‘Tilt your head up, eyes closed’
A flow of thick cum filled my mouth. It turned out to be the contents of a rubber as i was told to swallow and then lick the insides of a used condom. Luckily they didn’t make me swallow the rubber as well like they did last time.
‘Thank You, Sir Steve’ i politely addressed my Master, before i jumped to my feet as He was opening the door. The strong aroma of male cum lingered in my mouth and throat. i noticed i had become as hard as i could in the cb-2000.

Back at His place He checked everything, didn’t notice anything wrong with the SUV, though i had it partly unwashed.
‘It seems you had done a pretty good job. Get the ropes and other stuff and report at the toilet.’
Oh yes, oh yes, a chance for release! The thought was bouncing back and forth in my brain as i gathered the stuff, carefully, not to miss any item and joined Him in the toilet.

‘Undress to your corset and stockings’
i took my outer male clothes away, and my smooth white skin appeared, i was totally hairless down from my neck and the corset pushed up my small but pertinent breasts, result of mild hormone treatment. Now Sir Steve pointed at the floor. He was sitting on the toilet seat so i knelt before Him and He unlocked my chastity device.
‘Remove it. Then lie down, lips touching my right sock.’ i knew to drop on my belly and place my dick in the middle of my legs, pointing away from Sir Steve. my breasts were flat against the floor that i had today washed. Now Sir Steve took the toys, tied a rope tight around my ball sac, and as i bent my legs, He tied my balls to my ankles, making me pull on my balls if i moved my legs. He then pushed my right hand behind my back, and tied it to the back of my collar, so that any movement of my right hand would be choking me. Now He pushed the nose hook up my nose, and passed the elastic cord from it to the rope between my balls and ankles, so that i had to raise my chin and look straight ahead.
‘you know the rules. Only horizontal strokes with one finger. Any other touch to your dick and it’s over. If your dick touches your thigh, it’s over. you may start’
i reached back with my left hand, started flicking my finger over and over across the frenum. It was a bliss, i was allowed to masturbate finally! Not in a very manly fashion, but who cares. i liked being dominated, i liked it this way. i changed the place of my finger ever so slightly from frenum to penis head, but carefully always moving it sideways, no unallowed stroking along the shaft. i know, as a gurly sissy i must only masturbate like Real Girls do.
My Superiors like me to use my imagination to cum, and because of that i get no visual stimulation for sex. i see only the toilet seat and Sir Steve, regularly clothed, and His socks right before me.
All the while i pressed my hips against the tiles, as that helped to keep the dick in place. If i forget to press down with my hips, the dick would slip very easily to the side and touch my thigh. Twice has Sir Steve has stopped me short of cumming because of that.
Now Sir Steve takes a dildo gag. i open my mouth without being told to. He yanks it in, buckles it in place. my mouth is soon filled to the brim with a rubber dick. Next He goes for the inflatable vibrating butt plug. i have forgotten to grease my ass, so He just pushes it in without any lubrication . It smarts, and as He inflates the plug it hurts more. But the vibration soon starts and soothes the pain, carries me along to the pleasure dome.

Now Sir Steve opens His pants and takes out His dick!
‘Would you like to see how Real Men stroke?’ i nod ever so slightly, not to cause much harm to my balls. He starts stroking His Big Cock, long strokes along the shaft. i have to turn my eyes up to see Him play.
Now my little gurly stroking suddenly starts to have an impact. All of a sudden i am nearing the edge. i know that as i reach the edge i must plateau, keep myself so near the edge that i can cum in 2 seconds. i must keep my finger in place, if i have to remove it, it will not be allowed back. Suddenly the fierce stroking and struggling for pleasure turns into struggling to keep away from pleasure. Suddenly i have to stop all movement not to cum. Luckily i can keep my finger touching my dick so i can continue. Soon i can move it a little, in a while the momentum has passed and i can continue stroking at full speed. It is so difficult to keep on the edge, but not so near that i must take away my finger at any point.

i know that Sir Steve will notice from the slowing down of my finger that i am ready, and some time soon He will tell me to cum. Then He will count 1,2, and at 2 i will have to take away my finger and raise my ass in the air so that my dick doesn’t touch anything 2 seconds after His order. If i am lucky, He will put the vibration in my sissy pussy to full speed.

‘That’s enough if that. No cummies for you tonight’ He unties me, locks my cock cage and sends me back home to make supper for Mistress Sonja.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Another night on the floor


Back to work, a busy day. After work i have time to quickly change clothes and eat a little and i have to get back to a meeting in the centre.

As i get back Mistress and Lina are skiing. As they return i prepare an Indian shrimp dish and rice and clean the kitchen up after supper. i watch Simpson again lying on the floor, as Mats has conquered the sofa.

Mistress is working with Her company budget and calls me every now and then to assist Her. i start reading the letter from the funeral parlour, and try asking Mistress about some details, but She answers angrily that She can’t get Her work done as someone interrupts Her all the time. Whereas She interrupts me also all the time and it seems She doesn’t notice that at all.

She notices that i answer Her further questions a bit loudly, and She asks why i am angry. i answer truthfully. As i on top of that idle about in the kitchen, She asks me ‘Do you think you will earn a merit today’. i have not thought i get a merit, i know i have been bad and it depresses me. She orders me on my knees (kids are in their rooms) and asks angrily ‘Do you think you don’t need to please me any more because of that?’ i admit i have thought along those lines – no need to invest so much effort losing the game anyway. She gets visibly mad and says ‘you cannot turn this on and off!’. ‘Maybe I will make you sleep on the floor, what would you like about that?’ ‘It doesn’t feel nice, my spirits are quite low’It was just a few days since my mother died. i was sad, that was true. She interprets that i am rebelling against sleeping on the floor, but i didn’t mean that. ‘you will sleep on the floor or your right to serve is taken away!’ i agree of course.

i may sleep on a thin blanket lid on the floor, but i wake up every two hours

Monday, 14 November 2011

Ideas for slave's prizes

The winter holiday goes on. i wake up to my alarm at 6am. i epilate the stubble from three days from my crotch. After that i have some time for editing my blog. i prepare porridge, tea for Mistress, lay the table. She wakes up. i am especially subservient, i serve the tea and get the paper. i ask how yesterday went. ‘It was a clear demerit day. I am not going to masturbate you now, just after your mom died. That’s not appropriate’ She asks about my time allowance for MsRika, i say i used it all.

Drying laundry, asking price quotes for sofa, then i report downstairs where Mistress is doing patch work again. She wants to go on a skiing trip on the ice. We go along the lake, sky is clear – wonderful weather except for minus 10 and windy. From our beach i may bring the skis up to the house, prepare lunch for U/us and Lina’s friend. Mistress wants a good lunch with vegetables. A filled chicken steak for Mistress, sausage sauce for others, fresh ananas for dessert. i even lay the table most carefully. She comes, bites me at the neck, squeezes my balls grabbing them from behind through my legs. She’s content as a give up and arch my back.

Girls have done a big skiing trip also. After lunch Mistress wants yellow tea. She’s weaving in the living room now, sends me to fetch Her needles. She sends me shopping, groceries and an ice bore. i must measure the thickness of the ice with it.

Back inside, i get some free time first, but She interrupts me soon to run errands for Her and prepare sandwiches for the girls before Lina’s friend is picked up. i play with Lina and get Mats to eat some supper. W/we watch some tv and i stay to watch a movie.

Mistress returns to wonder why i am watching a movie without permission. Oh no, i must be having a recession in my submission right now. Anyway i turn the tv off and follow her upstairs. As W/we are ready for bed She sends me downstairs to get a pen and paper and makes me write down my wishes for my possible (!) future prizes. After i have written 5 lines She takes the paper. 1. Countdown – masturbation 2. In my own mouth 3. Buying a vibrating dildo to vibrate my sissy clit 4. Bondage and hand job. Then to sleep. This was again a demerit day.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

my mom dies - service continues


Still on holiday… In the morning i wake up at 6.20 and pluck my pubic hair as i can’t epilate. i update my blog before Mistress wakes up. i may kneel before Her as She presses my head in Her lap. After breakfast W/we go on a shopping spree in Bergen, to use the rest of some coupons W/we have, and to test sofas.

W/we get back to Her mom for lunch and visit my mom. It was the last time my kids saw my Mom alive. my mom was at that time at an intensive care department in an elderly people’s home. She had had pneumonia and fallen in a coma for a month, now she had surprisingly woken up, started to even speak. There’s a tube in her gullet, giving liquid food to her. She repeats some words i say to her, nothing else. i ask both kids by the bed one at a time. i tell my mom about there schoolwork and how pretty Lina is, and how big Mats is: ‘a big man’.

W/we drive to a spa for the next night. In the morning i wake up first, pluck some pubic hair in the bathroom. Mistress joins me in the bathroom. W/we go for a morning dip, then to breakfast with kids. A little time in the room, then W/we go back to the pool area with Lina. W/we do the big slide together (maybe the last time, she’s growing up) and she likes the cold water pool as well. At noon W/we check out.

W/we drive back to Bergen. W/we try to visit an old stone church, but that is closed. i get a little angry, so She gives me a self service snow wash on the churchyard. She orders me to take a handful of snow in my hand and wash my face with it. She oversees the wash by me. i cannot but obey.

At 2.15 i and Mistress visit my mom again. She is breathing heavily, making a sound by each breath. A nurse comes, checks her out, tells her she has visitors. ‘Yes’, she says, her last words. She understands we are there and she gets peaceful, she starts dozing off, eyes close and open. Soon she starts sleeping without breaks. i’m silent, i think it’s better she sleeps now, we leave to her mom who has made whitefish soup. It’s a sunny day, the morning was really cold, minus 16. W/we eat and have coffee. After an hour W/we leave for home. W/we are tired. After half an hour of driving Mistress gets a call. She seems alarmed, it's about my mom. i think someone’s calling from the department. She waits until the next junction before She tells me: my mom is dead. Only half an hour after W/we left she had been found looking quite grey, with a small pulse only. She had said her last words to U/us. W/we thought she fell asleep but it was eternal sleep. It was a real surprise, as She had just woken from her coma. Her heart couldn’t take the stress however. Mistress drives the rest of the journey, i talk to my sister on the phone.

Only at home the finality of the situation takes over and i start weeping powerlessly. She orders me to take care of the fireplace. The death of my mom doesn’t free me from Her service. MsRika’s book has arrived. She orders me to mke brekfast next morning and read MsRika only for 45 minutes each morning before She wakes up.

Monday, 7 November 2011

How to have sex if you don't have any contraceptive?

As i wake up in Her mom’s house, She is awake by me, and sexually active. She wants me to squeeze Her buttocks and lick Her pussy. She gives advice, wants me to lick Her clit. Then i may suck her breasts. She asks if i have packed condoms. i have not, but i suggest doing it bareback. She agrees, i settle on Her and She guides me in. i fuck Her a little, then She wants to change position. i may kiss Her buttocks and settle behind her. She guides sissy clit in again. Bareback it feels heavenly, but i am quite durable as i had a ruined only 6 days ago. She orders me first to stay still, She moves herself, thrusts Her butt. Then i may start moving, and i no time i get a good rhythm going and i can even accelerate into a final crescendo and She cums successfully. i have no trouble not cumming myself. Next She orders me to foot of the bed to suck Her pussy clean. This is the way to do it if you don’t have a condom handy!

As W/we are in Bergen i ask quietly mistress for instructions and obey. No chance for epilating here. Mistress programs me to visit my mom, and W/we visit my father, and i do the dishes there. W/we visit also Her sis, i help her husband to clear the table. In nthe evening i ask permission to massage her feet. She grants the permission and i don’t stop until i get permission for that – after a long time.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Holding candy on my nose - a new trick

Saturday morning Lina’s alarm goes off at 6am. She’s at Her sleepover, so Mistress sends me to cancel the alarm. my own alarm rings soon, and i rise up, epilate and update my blog. Then i prepare barley porridge. Mistress wakes up at 8.45, i hug Her as She gets downstairs. i serve Her porridge, She reminds me to serve also jelly. i get Her the paper as She instructs. She’s a little unsatisfied because i have not done more homework this morning before She woke up. As i ask, She tells me that i didn’t earn a merit point yesterday, the main argument being that i offered Her dried turkey in the sauna which shows that i’m still not aware of her taste. i run as i obey Her, but on my tiptoes. i make fire in the fireplace, burn trash, get firewood. She sends me to pick up Lina.

She calls me to Her with a paper and pen. She’s with Her laptop in the living room. i kneel up and write down today’s chores. i have to look for certain couches in the net, also jetty companies. Then i prepare lunch, i lay the table and set out fajitas prepared yesterday. W/we are going on a short holiday to Bergen today so i don’t prepare much new food today, only grate some cheese for the tortillas. Mistress says that after lunch i may read the paper for a moment.

She orders me on my knees in the kitchen and places a candy on my nose. That has been one of my fantasies, it’s wonderful that it is realized now. i hold my head up carefully and She praises my concentration. Then i may eat the candy.

Mistress and kids compare the sofas now, and i am sent to find out more about a couple of choices. Mistress chooses the one to be bought. She asks my opinion, but doesn’t choose my favourite. Instead She makes me call a couple of stores and find out more about Her choice. At the same time i continue to take care of the fireplace. Then She sends me to pack – and put laundry to dry. She puts jointing mortar on the tiles She replaced, She’s better at men’s work than me. Still i lay the dinner table and after dinner W/we leave for Bergen. There D/s gets on a short break.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mistress finds innovative ways to dominate me


i wake up at 5.12am again. i take a shower, but i have time for a bit of The Hotel. As Mistress wakes up i prepare breakfast, but it it by the laptop as Mistress is in the bathroom. She joins me, checks out what i read, laughs and hugs me. i apologize for my horniness. She’s not angry. It’s in Her interest too, to keep me hot by reading Femdom, but without possibility to cum.

At work i have a little time to finish MsRika text visualization and print it out. As i print the 50 pages i have time to read the rest of The Hotel. Mistress instructs me to do grocery shopping on my way home.

Lina has left for Her sleepover, but Mats is tired and sleeping, not going to swimming rehearsals. As i get home Mistress orders me: ‘Change to casual, then eat’. i eat an old turnip. Mistress orders me to warm up the sauna and help as She replaces the tiles i removed: i may bring the tools, and remove some mortar.

As it is sauna time i ask if i can have my weekly bottle of beer. She orders me to take it to sauna but says She has not yet decided if i may drink it or not. In sauna i offer a shoulder massage, She refuses. Instead She orders me to read aloud news from the paper as She lies in the hot. As i ask if i can have water or beer, She orders me on all fours on the sauna floor. i’m naked, even cb is off for sauna. She takes a dipper with a metal bowl. i am afraid, as all metal gets so hot in the sauna. And yes, She starts touching my buttocks with the bowl, trying to fit my buttock in the bowl. It’s really hot, but not burning hot. Then i may walk out on all fours, get the beer, put it in a glass, but not drink it. i wait on my knees, sissy clit hard. i have not tried to touch my sissy clit.
‘you may drink’
i raise the glass and start drinking. i am very thirsty already – how excellent Mistress can make the cheapest beer taste!
‘Stop. Count to 1000 and then you may drink two mouthfuls.’
‘Not aloud’
She showers and asks what figure i’m at.
She swims in the pool and asks again.
As i am in 308 She interrupts and i may take two gulps. Then i have to read to 100 and drink another two gulps. Then She just makes me wait and tells me when to continue. Finally i may drink the rest. i am afraid to stop in the middle so i pour the rest into my mouth in one go. Super erotic! Then She takes a hard washcloth, and rubs my pubes, then buttocks, nipples area and finally my crotch by making me spread my legs and drawing it between legs. Finally She orders me to shower.

W/we go soon to bed. There i may oil Her feet. As the first foot is ready She orders me to oil a bit further up. So that She would not have to repeat Her order, i oil Her legs all the way up including Her buttocks. Then to bed. She ties my hands to my neck to prevent masturbation at night, as i am super horny.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mistress restricts my net use - a note about blog updating

Mistress just decided to take away my wee hours net time. She will in the future explicitly order me to update my blog, all other computer use is banned. So the updating of this blog depends on Mistress's whim from now on. Then back to the diary...


i wake up at 5.10 already. When i’m really horny i need less sleep. After epilation and other chores i have more than half an hour net time. i have no time for sex stuff at work today.

Mistress is not home as i get back from work, She’s working late, so i continue reading The Hotel. Only as i see Her car arriving i start cleaning up kitchen. She reprimands me for not changing into casual clothes. It seems i’m not getting a merit today either. However i can’t start goofing around, as two demerits would mean i need four consecutive merit days for a wish day. So after eating i ask Mistress to rate the new recipes i have tried lately. Then She approves carrot soup and chili con carne as the next dishes, and i start preparing them. According to Lina’s wishes i however have to change chili con carne into a sauce of cream, onion and minced meat. i prepare these dishes for tomorrow when the others have supper and watch tv.

W/we get to bed early. i put the cb on for the night with night settings and ask if i can give Mistres a foot bath, oiling, shoulder massage or read Tolstoi. i may read Tolstoi, until She starts to sleep. During the night the cb starts to hurt behind the balls, and i try to cope by pulling sissy clit out.