Sunday, 27 November 2011

Another night on the floor


Back to work, a busy day. After work i have time to quickly change clothes and eat a little and i have to get back to a meeting in the centre.

As i get back Mistress and Lina are skiing. As they return i prepare an Indian shrimp dish and rice and clean the kitchen up after supper. i watch Simpson again lying on the floor, as Mats has conquered the sofa.

Mistress is working with Her company budget and calls me every now and then to assist Her. i start reading the letter from the funeral parlour, and try asking Mistress about some details, but She answers angrily that She can’t get Her work done as someone interrupts Her all the time. Whereas She interrupts me also all the time and it seems She doesn’t notice that at all.

She notices that i answer Her further questions a bit loudly, and She asks why i am angry. i answer truthfully. As i on top of that idle about in the kitchen, She asks me ‘Do you think you will earn a merit today’. i have not thought i get a merit, i know i have been bad and it depresses me. She orders me on my knees (kids are in their rooms) and asks angrily ‘Do you think you don’t need to please me any more because of that?’ i admit i have thought along those lines – no need to invest so much effort losing the game anyway. She gets visibly mad and says ‘you cannot turn this on and off!’. ‘Maybe I will make you sleep on the floor, what would you like about that?’ ‘It doesn’t feel nice, my spirits are quite low’It was just a few days since my mother died. i was sad, that was true. She interprets that i am rebelling against sleeping on the floor, but i didn’t mean that. ‘you will sleep on the floor or your right to serve is taken away!’ i agree of course.

i may sleep on a thin blanket lid on the floor, but i wake up every two hours

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