Monday, 28 November 2011

cuckold sissy's prize - a sissy masturbation story

’you will pick Me up at 9am at My place.’ Phone call from Sir Steve was brief. He didn’t tell me where i would take Him, but my Wife made me help Her into Her bright red skirt, corset and garters, so it became quite obvious.

i got very excited, as i had been in chastity for 2 weeks and Sir’s visits - and only those - mean i may get release as well. Normally i do chores for Sir Steve at His place during the time that Sir Steve spends with my Wife. Because i’m heterosexual, my release always occurs at His place, while only Sir Steve is present.

‘Prepare a lunch box for yourself: the oldest leftovers soaked in milk. Take your bowl with you.’

i took care myself to leave early enough to be in time at His place. Sir Steve lived a semi-detached house in a nice green neighbourhood. i parked and went for the doorbell.

‘Get inside, sissy’, He hissed at the door. ‘After chauffeuring me to your place where I will spend Saturday with your wife, giving Her some divine sex She needs, you will return here, vacuum and wash ALL floors, mow the lawn, wash both my cars outside, vacuum and wash them inside. Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir’
He flung me His keys, and i opened Him the passenger door for a nice journey to my Wife.

A tedious day at His apartment followed. Wasn’t it enough i cooked and cleaned at O/our house? i had no free time as i had to be Her boyfriend’s maid as well. But i worked hard, my motivation was a chance to orgasm if all the tasks are completed and no flaws found.

At 12.30, my lunch time, i warmed up the plastic box and poured it into my steel dog bowl and ate my lunch in silence, thinking what my Wife, Mistress Sonja, was up to at the time. i would so like to be with Her, witnessing Her being fucked by Sir Steve, but They never let me. They don’t want me around.

i was just finishing the last chore, washing the dashboard of His SUV at 6pm as my mobile rang.
‘Get your lazy ass here sissy, it’s time for you to take daddy back home.’
During Sit Steve’s visits i was not allowed to use my own key so i rang O/our doorbell. Master Steve answered the door, but all i saw was His back as my Wife was so feverishly kissing Him goodbye. As They broke from the kiss my Wife spat out:
‘Kneel hubby, my Boyfriend is going to give you a souvenir of His visit’
i knelt just before the front door, that i had luckily closed.
‘Tilt your head up, eyes closed’
A flow of thick cum filled my mouth. It turned out to be the contents of a rubber as i was told to swallow and then lick the insides of a used condom. Luckily they didn’t make me swallow the rubber as well like they did last time.
‘Thank You, Sir Steve’ i politely addressed my Master, before i jumped to my feet as He was opening the door. The strong aroma of male cum lingered in my mouth and throat. i noticed i had become as hard as i could in the cb-2000.

Back at His place He checked everything, didn’t notice anything wrong with the SUV, though i had it partly unwashed.
‘It seems you had done a pretty good job. Get the ropes and other stuff and report at the toilet.’
Oh yes, oh yes, a chance for release! The thought was bouncing back and forth in my brain as i gathered the stuff, carefully, not to miss any item and joined Him in the toilet.

‘Undress to your corset and stockings’
i took my outer male clothes away, and my smooth white skin appeared, i was totally hairless down from my neck and the corset pushed up my small but pertinent breasts, result of mild hormone treatment. Now Sir Steve pointed at the floor. He was sitting on the toilet seat so i knelt before Him and He unlocked my chastity device.
‘Remove it. Then lie down, lips touching my right sock.’ i knew to drop on my belly and place my dick in the middle of my legs, pointing away from Sir Steve. my breasts were flat against the floor that i had today washed. Now Sir Steve took the toys, tied a rope tight around my ball sac, and as i bent my legs, He tied my balls to my ankles, making me pull on my balls if i moved my legs. He then pushed my right hand behind my back, and tied it to the back of my collar, so that any movement of my right hand would be choking me. Now He pushed the nose hook up my nose, and passed the elastic cord from it to the rope between my balls and ankles, so that i had to raise my chin and look straight ahead.
‘you know the rules. Only horizontal strokes with one finger. Any other touch to your dick and it’s over. If your dick touches your thigh, it’s over. you may start’
i reached back with my left hand, started flicking my finger over and over across the frenum. It was a bliss, i was allowed to masturbate finally! Not in a very manly fashion, but who cares. i liked being dominated, i liked it this way. i changed the place of my finger ever so slightly from frenum to penis head, but carefully always moving it sideways, no unallowed stroking along the shaft. i know, as a gurly sissy i must only masturbate like Real Girls do.
My Superiors like me to use my imagination to cum, and because of that i get no visual stimulation for sex. i see only the toilet seat and Sir Steve, regularly clothed, and His socks right before me.
All the while i pressed my hips against the tiles, as that helped to keep the dick in place. If i forget to press down with my hips, the dick would slip very easily to the side and touch my thigh. Twice has Sir Steve has stopped me short of cumming because of that.
Now Sir Steve takes a dildo gag. i open my mouth without being told to. He yanks it in, buckles it in place. my mouth is soon filled to the brim with a rubber dick. Next He goes for the inflatable vibrating butt plug. i have forgotten to grease my ass, so He just pushes it in without any lubrication . It smarts, and as He inflates the plug it hurts more. But the vibration soon starts and soothes the pain, carries me along to the pleasure dome.

Now Sir Steve opens His pants and takes out His dick!
‘Would you like to see how Real Men stroke?’ i nod ever so slightly, not to cause much harm to my balls. He starts stroking His Big Cock, long strokes along the shaft. i have to turn my eyes up to see Him play.
Now my little gurly stroking suddenly starts to have an impact. All of a sudden i am nearing the edge. i know that as i reach the edge i must plateau, keep myself so near the edge that i can cum in 2 seconds. i must keep my finger in place, if i have to remove it, it will not be allowed back. Suddenly the fierce stroking and struggling for pleasure turns into struggling to keep away from pleasure. Suddenly i have to stop all movement not to cum. Luckily i can keep my finger touching my dick so i can continue. Soon i can move it a little, in a while the momentum has passed and i can continue stroking at full speed. It is so difficult to keep on the edge, but not so near that i must take away my finger at any point.

i know that Sir Steve will notice from the slowing down of my finger that i am ready, and some time soon He will tell me to cum. Then He will count 1,2, and at 2 i will have to take away my finger and raise my ass in the air so that my dick doesn’t touch anything 2 seconds after His order. If i am lucky, He will put the vibration in my sissy pussy to full speed.

‘That’s enough if that. No cummies for you tonight’ He unties me, locks my cock cage and sends me back home to make supper for Mistress Sonja.

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