Friday, 4 November 2011

Holding candy on my nose - a new trick

Saturday morning Lina’s alarm goes off at 6am. She’s at Her sleepover, so Mistress sends me to cancel the alarm. my own alarm rings soon, and i rise up, epilate and update my blog. Then i prepare barley porridge. Mistress wakes up at 8.45, i hug Her as She gets downstairs. i serve Her porridge, She reminds me to serve also jelly. i get Her the paper as She instructs. She’s a little unsatisfied because i have not done more homework this morning before She woke up. As i ask, She tells me that i didn’t earn a merit point yesterday, the main argument being that i offered Her dried turkey in the sauna which shows that i’m still not aware of her taste. i run as i obey Her, but on my tiptoes. i make fire in the fireplace, burn trash, get firewood. She sends me to pick up Lina.

She calls me to Her with a paper and pen. She’s with Her laptop in the living room. i kneel up and write down today’s chores. i have to look for certain couches in the net, also jetty companies. Then i prepare lunch, i lay the table and set out fajitas prepared yesterday. W/we are going on a short holiday to Bergen today so i don’t prepare much new food today, only grate some cheese for the tortillas. Mistress says that after lunch i may read the paper for a moment.

She orders me on my knees in the kitchen and places a candy on my nose. That has been one of my fantasies, it’s wonderful that it is realized now. i hold my head up carefully and She praises my concentration. Then i may eat the candy.

Mistress and kids compare the sofas now, and i am sent to find out more about a couple of choices. Mistress chooses the one to be bought. She asks my opinion, but doesn’t choose my favourite. Instead She makes me call a couple of stores and find out more about Her choice. At the same time i continue to take care of the fireplace. Then She sends me to pack – and put laundry to dry. She puts jointing mortar on the tiles She replaced, She’s better at men’s work than me. Still i lay the dinner table and after dinner W/we leave for Bergen. There D/s gets on a short break.

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  1. What a lovely day... and pic. Thanks!