Monday, 7 November 2011

How to have sex if you don't have any contraceptive?

As i wake up in Her mom’s house, She is awake by me, and sexually active. She wants me to squeeze Her buttocks and lick Her pussy. She gives advice, wants me to lick Her clit. Then i may suck her breasts. She asks if i have packed condoms. i have not, but i suggest doing it bareback. She agrees, i settle on Her and She guides me in. i fuck Her a little, then She wants to change position. i may kiss Her buttocks and settle behind her. She guides sissy clit in again. Bareback it feels heavenly, but i am quite durable as i had a ruined only 6 days ago. She orders me first to stay still, She moves herself, thrusts Her butt. Then i may start moving, and i no time i get a good rhythm going and i can even accelerate into a final crescendo and She cums successfully. i have no trouble not cumming myself. Next She orders me to foot of the bed to suck Her pussy clean. This is the way to do it if you don’t have a condom handy!

As W/we are in Bergen i ask quietly mistress for instructions and obey. No chance for epilating here. Mistress programs me to visit my mom, and W/we visit my father, and i do the dishes there. W/we visit also Her sis, i help her husband to clear the table. In nthe evening i ask permission to massage her feet. She grants the permission and i don’t stop until i get permission for that – after a long time.

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