Monday, 14 November 2011

Ideas for slave's prizes

The winter holiday goes on. i wake up to my alarm at 6am. i epilate the stubble from three days from my crotch. After that i have some time for editing my blog. i prepare porridge, tea for Mistress, lay the table. She wakes up. i am especially subservient, i serve the tea and get the paper. i ask how yesterday went. ‘It was a clear demerit day. I am not going to masturbate you now, just after your mom died. That’s not appropriate’ She asks about my time allowance for MsRika, i say i used it all.

Drying laundry, asking price quotes for sofa, then i report downstairs where Mistress is doing patch work again. She wants to go on a skiing trip on the ice. We go along the lake, sky is clear – wonderful weather except for minus 10 and windy. From our beach i may bring the skis up to the house, prepare lunch for U/us and Lina’s friend. Mistress wants a good lunch with vegetables. A filled chicken steak for Mistress, sausage sauce for others, fresh ananas for dessert. i even lay the table most carefully. She comes, bites me at the neck, squeezes my balls grabbing them from behind through my legs. She’s content as a give up and arch my back.

Girls have done a big skiing trip also. After lunch Mistress wants yellow tea. She’s weaving in the living room now, sends me to fetch Her needles. She sends me shopping, groceries and an ice bore. i must measure the thickness of the ice with it.

Back inside, i get some free time first, but She interrupts me soon to run errands for Her and prepare sandwiches for the girls before Lina’s friend is picked up. i play with Lina and get Mats to eat some supper. W/we watch some tv and i stay to watch a movie.

Mistress returns to wonder why i am watching a movie without permission. Oh no, i must be having a recession in my submission right now. Anyway i turn the tv off and follow her upstairs. As W/we are ready for bed She sends me downstairs to get a pen and paper and makes me write down my wishes for my possible (!) future prizes. After i have written 5 lines She takes the paper. 1. Countdown – masturbation 2. In my own mouth 3. Buying a vibrating dildo to vibrate my sissy clit 4. Bondage and hand job. Then to sleep. This was again a demerit day.

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