Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mistress finds innovative ways to dominate me


i wake up at 5.12am again. i take a shower, but i have time for a bit of The Hotel. As Mistress wakes up i prepare breakfast, but it it by the laptop as Mistress is in the bathroom. She joins me, checks out what i read, laughs and hugs me. i apologize for my horniness. She’s not angry. It’s in Her interest too, to keep me hot by reading Femdom, but without possibility to cum.

At work i have a little time to finish MsRika text visualization and print it out. As i print the 50 pages i have time to read the rest of The Hotel. Mistress instructs me to do grocery shopping on my way home.

Lina has left for Her sleepover, but Mats is tired and sleeping, not going to swimming rehearsals. As i get home Mistress orders me: ‘Change to casual, then eat’. i eat an old turnip. Mistress orders me to warm up the sauna and help as She replaces the tiles i removed: i may bring the tools, and remove some mortar.

As it is sauna time i ask if i can have my weekly bottle of beer. She orders me to take it to sauna but says She has not yet decided if i may drink it or not. In sauna i offer a shoulder massage, She refuses. Instead She orders me to read aloud news from the paper as She lies in the hot. As i ask if i can have water or beer, She orders me on all fours on the sauna floor. i’m naked, even cb is off for sauna. She takes a dipper with a metal bowl. i am afraid, as all metal gets so hot in the sauna. And yes, She starts touching my buttocks with the bowl, trying to fit my buttock in the bowl. It’s really hot, but not burning hot. Then i may walk out on all fours, get the beer, put it in a glass, but not drink it. i wait on my knees, sissy clit hard. i have not tried to touch my sissy clit.
‘you may drink’
i raise the glass and start drinking. i am very thirsty already – how excellent Mistress can make the cheapest beer taste!
‘Stop. Count to 1000 and then you may drink two mouthfuls.’
‘Not aloud’
She showers and asks what figure i’m at.
She swims in the pool and asks again.
As i am in 308 She interrupts and i may take two gulps. Then i have to read to 100 and drink another two gulps. Then She just makes me wait and tells me when to continue. Finally i may drink the rest. i am afraid to stop in the middle so i pour the rest into my mouth in one go. Super erotic! Then She takes a hard washcloth, and rubs my pubes, then buttocks, nipples area and finally my crotch by making me spread my legs and drawing it between legs. Finally She orders me to shower.

W/we go soon to bed. There i may oil Her feet. As the first foot is ready She orders me to oil a bit further up. So that She would not have to repeat Her order, i oil Her legs all the way up including Her buttocks. Then to bed. She ties my hands to my neck to prevent masturbation at night, as i am super horny.

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