Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mistress restricts my net use - a note about blog updating

Mistress just decided to take away my wee hours net time. She will in the future explicitly order me to update my blog, all other computer use is banned. So the updating of this blog depends on Mistress's whim from now on. Then back to the diary...


i wake up at 5.10 already. When i’m really horny i need less sleep. After epilation and other chores i have more than half an hour net time. i have no time for sex stuff at work today.

Mistress is not home as i get back from work, She’s working late, so i continue reading The Hotel. Only as i see Her car arriving i start cleaning up kitchen. She reprimands me for not changing into casual clothes. It seems i’m not getting a merit today either. However i can’t start goofing around, as two demerits would mean i need four consecutive merit days for a wish day. So after eating i ask Mistress to rate the new recipes i have tried lately. Then She approves carrot soup and chili con carne as the next dishes, and i start preparing them. According to Lina’s wishes i however have to change chili con carne into a sauce of cream, onion and minced meat. i prepare these dishes for tomorrow when the others have supper and watch tv.

W/we get to bed early. i put the cb on for the night with night settings and ask if i can give Mistres a foot bath, oiling, shoulder massage or read Tolstoi. i may read Tolstoi, until She starts to sleep. During the night the cb starts to hurt behind the balls, and i try to cope by pulling sissy clit out.

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