Thursday, 29 December 2011

Freaking out

On Sunday i have to wake up without the alarm not to disturb Mistress. i do my epilations and spend about an hour in the net. Mistress wakes up early and i hurry to kitchen as the breakfast is not ready. She scolds me for spending more than 45 minutes in the net. i hurry to make a quick porridge and ask Her wish for tea. i prepare tea and get the paper for Her. Mornings are always stricter timed of day D/s wise.

After breakfast it's time for O/our gym. She leaves me there to carry Lina to Her hobbies while i stay to exercise. She orders me to wait for Her to pick me up. After that i get a job to cut down a tree which is very laboursome, i sweat a lot when i'm finished and may return inside carrying some things that She ordered from our storage room. i prepare lunch, W/we eat yesterday's stuff, me even older food: nettles pasta, a Mistress's favorite from a few days ago.

i have a small meeting about community affairs, and after i return home i need to call some of the relatives about my mother's funeral that's coming up in two weeks. Next i must prepare a great dinner from duck. Then happens two things i'm ashamed of. First i go to my room to watch porn when it seems that Mistress is preoccupied with watching telly. But She comes to my room. i don't apoligize or anything. She says She would like to chat with me, but doesn't start chatting. i ask what She would like to chat about and say that She just can't ask me to chat without giving an object. She seems to become sad and goes away. Then later She tries to bite my nipple through my filmy shirt, but i freak out, and pull myself away. She doesn't bite me. i don't know what is wrong with me. Anyway i make the week's menu and get it approved by Mistress and making a shopping list for myself.

Monday, 19 December 2011

The daily slave routine

My typical daily routine on weekends when at home is currently this (described by Mistress)
-Put on a shirt, take all other clothes with you and carry them to washroom. Empty cat litter box. Pee sitting down with your ass a few inches above the seat. I know it is strenuous for the legs, but you are not supposed to be spending a lot of time in the toilet. Also every time you poop, you must be sitting "in the air". Your ass cannot touch the seat We are using. You may pee only twice a day, so stay clear of substances that make you pee a lot - coffee for one. And only one poop per day, so you must learn not to pee while you poop (well now i can).
-Pluck your balls and penis with tweeters. Epilate your crotch and trim the remaining pubic hair as a triangle. Epilate round your nipples. Trim other body hair short and shave armpits once a month. Put on cb-2000 with medium poi and medium pin, 2. largest a-pin. (Some may wonder why i am allowed to be in the bathroom unsupervised with my cb off. Well you could call me a collaborator: i only need the cb really to stop me from masturbating while i read porn, and even after long times without cumming i don't have the urge to masturbate whenever i have the chance. I have will power and Mistress knows it.)
-Then shave and do your hair. You have free time 45 minutes or until 7.45. Poi keep you from getting too excited (but allows you to get wet - Mistress likes me to learn to leak precum while flaccid)
-Make breakfast: tea and porridge with jam for Mistress, put coffee in the machine, lay the table, clean up kitchen, fetch the morning paper.
-As Mistress wakes up and comes down greet Her enthusiastically, kiss Her on the mouth if She allows it. Ask what sort of tea She wants and prepare it. When it is ready, invite Her to eat with a curtsy, put porridge on Her plate along with jam. Switch on your coffee, you may now make your own breakfast. If there is old leftover porridge, eat that.
-you must always think ahead with food, proposing menu for next days beforehand, and you are responsible for keeping the kitchen stuffed with everything, writing shopping lists for yourself.
-you make all the meals, clean up after yourself, lay the table, and clear it up afterwards. You are the garbage can, you eat the oldest leftovers. You warm them up and eat with the others. Everything must be consumed. Nothing is allowed to go to waste. Kids don't think it is odd, after a while they are used to it, and just think you are scrooge.
-when you are ready, you report to Mistress, She decides about the rest of your day. You don't have to worry about it.
-always when She gives you an order, thank Her, with a curtsy if W/we are alone.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Lina paying attention to my subservience

For once i get home early, even through grocery store, kitchen cabinets need filling again, and bottles need returning. i take trash out first. W/we kiss a long time. Mistress orders me on the floor before Her for a talk. Lina joins us too. She need regular and mental help with her homework. Mistress tells her to get Her glasses so She can help. Lina tells me to get them, saying i always get stuff as Mom tells me to. But now Mistress tells her to get them, and she does. Instead She tells me to change my clothes and eat and i obey swiftly, which Lina surely notices.

Later i make coconut chili chicken. As i am preparing it, Mistress visits me, gropes my butt and crotch, tells me to be nice. In the evening She allows me to stay up to write some texts.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A hard week - for D/s

i wake up at 5.50, before the clock. i have started to narrow my triangle of pubes, the idea is to locate it higher and formed more like a T. i have a lot of net time before breakfast.

In the evening She orders me to read, She reads Her book in the bed and i reaad mine kneeling by the bed. She interrupts me and orders me to fetch the heat blanket for Her.

A full havoc at work again. Only a memory are those days i could do something sex-related aat work. i wonder if O/our D/s relation is going to wear off.

An even harder day. In the evening W/we are all exhausted, Mats wants to do a home essay into the night, drinking coffee. Lina is doing fraction calculations with the last ounce of her strength. i have to help her. i sleep on the couch in the middle of watching tv. For the first time in ages i neglect cleaning up kitchen, and Mistress does it!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

How sissy is your slave's orgasm?

With this test you get the sissiness score for the method of cumming you are planning for your sissy. You get one point for each b-fact that is true in your sissy’s case. The more b-points, the sissier the orgasm. There is probably no way to get the maximum score of 17, but how many points could be reached in practise? Please post your high scores along with details of the method in question. Also if you think of new ways to characterize sissy orgasm, please comment and i'll improve the test.

1A)Man decides himself the time of having sex.
1b) sissy does not decide the time it has sex. it is just obeying orders.

2A) The last time Man has had an orgasm is during the last week
2b) sissy has not been allowed a ruined orgasm in a month nor a full orgasm in a year

3A) Man has a female partner to have sex with
3b) sissy has no partner or a male partner to have sex with

4A) Man is naked or has some male clothes on while having sex
4b) sissy is dressed in female lingerie, a tight corset and high heeled female shoes while having sex

5A) Man is moving his hips while fucking or getting a blowjob
5b) sissy is not moving its hips nor its sissy clit while having sex

6A) Man sees an attractive halfnaked female as He is fucking her
6b) sissy is itself the halfnaked female figure, it does not see a female figure while having sex

7A) Man's penis is doing pumping movement to get excited
7b) sissy's penis is not getting any stimulation along the shaft only sideways or pokes or electricity

8A) Man is stuffing the pussy or mouth of His partner while having sex
8b) sissy's own pussy and mouth are stuffed with dildos/butt plugs/penises but its sissy clit is not stuffing anything, ever.

9A) Man is free to move during sex
9b) sissy is tied up and cannot move at all during sex
(half a point if sissy can move only his worse hand to masturbate)

10A) Man is comfortable while having sex
10b) sissy is not comfortable while having sex, he is in pain (clamps, whip, electric shocks...)

11A) Man's penis is pointing naturally forward while He has sex
11b) sissy's penis is pointing awkwardly back between its legs while it has sex

12A) Man's penis is erect while He has sex
12b) sissy clit is in a cage with no space to get erect while it has sex

13A) Man has as much time as He wants for sex
13b) sissy has limited time to get to the point of no return

14A) Man reaches climax as He wishes
14b) sissy must stay at the edge until getting an order to cum

15A) Man climaxes because of stimulation to His cock
15b) sissy climaxes because of stimulation to its ass / nipples and mouth with no touching of sissy clit

16A) Man continues to fuck throughout His climax
16b) sissy clit gets no stimulation during its climax - not whatsoever

17A) Man does not consume His semen
17b) sissy consumes all his cum, according to its Superiors orders

Saturday, 10 December 2011

‘It must be obvious you are not allowed to cum'

i wake up before 7 even without alarm. i have time to take care of epilation and other morning chores, then rice porridge and a quarter of net time. Mistress wakes up, W/we hug, i fetch the paper, She reads it, i sit by Her peeking. Then She orders me to prepare gym bags. There are only a few men at the gym as Skiing World Championships is on TV at the same time.

At home i start preparing tortilla espanola for lunch - it is eaten altogether. Cleaning up the kitchen, tea and coffee. i remember to curtsey each time She orders or allows me to do something. Of course it is not for the kids to see. She is still examining her budget, wants to concentrate on it and i may use the net, update my blog and read others. i note a “funny” story about a predicament bondage: a rope from balls to a spreader bar making the slave stand knees bent, and another rope from nipple clamps to a ceiling hook so that if the slave straightens his legs, he pulls on his balls and if he tries to squat, he pulls on his nipples.

Mats gets Mistress play with him some Wii games, a couple of hours is spent with that. i prepare Her a roll and chicken-veggie-pot for dinner and lamb with potatoes for the rest. In the evening i have some more net time as playing Wii continues.

In the evening it’s time for a surprise. i read a mag in the bed waiting for Mistress. She wants me watch, then Mats arrives, they go to his room. i remove the chastity belt and keep on reading on my knees by the bed. She returns, locks the door and orders me to masturbate for 2 minutes. my sissy clit fels so large… W/we look in each others eyes. She says ‘It must be obvious you are not allowed to cum’. Then She says ’10 seconds left’. i accelerate a bit, and stop a few seconds short as i feel close to cumming. It is however not a ruined orgasm. Then to sleep.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Drinking punishment

Mistress forbids me of using alarm clocks in the weekends, so i wake up only a little before 8. She is also awake and gives me morning kisses, i return them. i have to start preparing porridge right away because of the late wake up, no time for grooming my hair today. After cleaning up kitchen i prepare the menu for the week and a shopping list.

Mistress sends me to the garden, i must saw a branch and program the garden lights again. Mistress joins me later, and before O/our joined shopping trip i have to cut one apple tree and mend the shed door.

Mistress wants to go to a flea market where She allows me to purchase a Queen Innuendo CD for 10 crowns (cheap). W/we do the grocery shopping. i am somehow depressed because of issues at work and my mother’s death and i keep forgetting things.

At home i unpack the groceries and prepare a salmon soup, lay the table with bread and all. i take only a little of the fresh soup for starters and eat old meatballs and pasta. i clean up the kitchen after the lunch and prepare coffee. She orders me to find out about tv movies for kids, then to empty the washing machine. W/we watch Babe, then i have to warm up sauna.

In the sauna bathroom She orders me on my knees and throws a glassful of cold water on my face. ‘you have to wake up’, She says. ‘you cannot serve me asleep!’ Then She pours another glass of water into my mouth, i cannot swallow it all, the rest flow on my breast, i have to struggle to swallow as much as possible. my sissy clit gets erect. W/we are alone. Next i may join Her in the sauna and read a summary of today’s newspaper to Her. Lina joins U/us. Without Lina hearing i ask Mistress if i must do the water aerobics though the temperature of O/our pool is now only 24 degrees Celsius. She signals me to complete it anyway. i am in the middle of it as She leaves. She watches me for some time before She leaves and i get a partial erection. In the evening i prepare dinner.

In the bed She lets me show my cock cage to Her. She watches it, i get a sissy erection again. ‘Then to sleep’.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

No sports today, a smelly job instead

In the morning She orders me to kiss Her cheek and neck before i get off the bed, then She falls asleep again.

During the day i get another small ejaculation while doing the big business in the office toilet, it was a long time since that had happened. This time i didn’t even have any warm up.

i am early at home. Girls have visited Ikea. Skiing world championships would be on tv today, but Mistress orders me out in the dark night to empty the winter compost, which is filled up. She sends me back as i have forgot the shed door open and light on.